Jennie Anderson’s career from a dedicated nurse to thriving as a life coach is a tremendous example of determination and passion. Her story is not just about finding success in a new field but also about overcoming self-doubt and embracing personal growth. Following her completion of the Health Coach Institute program, Jennie’s dedication and drive propelled her towards building a fulfilling career that merges her healthcare background with her innate desire to help others flourish.

A Journey of Healing and Personal Development

From an early age, Jennie harbored a deep-seated aspiration to become a life coach, fueled by her experiences of overcoming childhood trauma and embarking on a journey of healing and personal development. However, fear and societal perceptions initially deterred her from pursuing this path. It wasn’t until later in life, after establishing herself in the healthcare industry, that Jennie revisited her passion for coaching.

“I have been wanting to do life coaching since my early 20s,” Jennie shares, reflecting on her long-standing aspiration. “I didn’t even know that life coaching was a real thing… I kind of put it on the back burner.”

But the flame of her ambition never truly extinguished. It was reignited when she discovered the Health Coach Institute (HCI), a program whose ethos resonated deeply with her goals and values. Through HCI, Jennie found the perfect blend of practical knowledge and holistic approaches that aligned with her vision of coaching.

Launching a Coaching Business

Jennie’s journey through the HCI program was not without its challenges. She grappled with self-doubt and fear as she embarked on this new chapter of her life. However, HCI provided more than just coursework; it fostered a supportive community that became her tribe. “The community that it built… it was like an immediate, ‘You found your tribe on a silver platter,'” Jennie recalls.

Armed with newfound confidence and a robust support network, Jennie launched her coaching business, Wild Elephant Coaching, with a soft launch in October 2023. She began by offering free workshops in her community and gradually transitioned to serving clients globally through virtual sessions. Her success in attracting clients stems from a combination of organic outreach, social media presence, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Persistence, Authenticity, and Continuous Growth

While Jennie continues to maintain her nursing career, her long-term vision involves transitioning fully into coaching. With plans to move to Costa Rica and establish a wellness center, she envisions a future where her coaching practice flourishes, allowing her to make an even greater impact on people’s lives.

Throughout her coaching development, Jennie emphasizes the importance of persistence, authenticity, and continuous growth. She encourages aspiring coaches to approach their endeavors with realistic expectations, understanding that success is a culmination of effort, learning, and adaptation.

As Jennie continues to inspire and empower others through her coaching, her story serves as an inspiration for those who dare to chase their dreams. From nursing to coaching, she exemplifies the transformational power of embracing one’s true calling and fearlessly pursuing it.


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