Scott Leeper is a Marine Corps vet turned Health Coach who is equal muscle and heart.

This month of June, we celebrate Men’s Health Month and are featuring Scott for the courage it took for him to pull himself out of the dark night of his soul and transform his life so he can go on to help others.

Scott says, “The reason why men need coaches is because that person is going to help you break these barriers down. If it’s your dream, follow it…You’ve gotta follow what speaks to you, and if Health Coaching speaks to you, do it!”

That’s just a taster of Scott’s powerful interview—“Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable“—on our Better Than Ever Podcast, which you can listen to HERE.
Scott shares from his heart what it’s like to be a guy in the female dominated industry of Health Coaching, and expands on why he thinks men need coaches now more than ever, and he also talks about how incredibly fulfilled he feels in this work!

So before you judge anyone, watch this!:

Leave a comment below and let us know what your biggest takeaway is from Scott’s interview. And, if you’re a man, we’d especially love to hear your takeaway so please leave a comment below! 


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