An online training program is a great option for people who want the flexibility to work through their training at home, on their own time. But there is no one-size-fits-all program, and some people need more structure and physical interaction to keep them motivated and accountable. If you’re considering an online Health Coach training program, we’ve created the quiz below to help you determine if an online training program is the right option for YOU.

As you carefully consider each of these questions, be honest about how you learn best and what you’re looking for in a program. Choosing the right program is an important first step toward becoming the kind of coach who can transform the lives of others and make a great living doing it!

Work Independently

1. Yes or No: Do you work well independently?

Online training programs require you to complete assignments on your own, so it’s important that you’re comfortable working independently. However, just because an online training doesn’t require you to be in a physical classroom, that doesn’t mean you won’t have access to peers, instructors, or mentors.

Each school will be different in terms of the level of interaction they offer. At Health Coach Institute, our students participate in forums, discussions, and work with partners to practice techniques and cement knowledge. Our students still set their own pace and complete a large amount of the work independently, but we’ve found that great online schools will make you forget that you’re not sharing a classroom by providing many opportunities to connect with instructors and other students.

Self Starter

2. Yes or No: Are you a self-starter?

One of the biggest perks of an online training is having the flexibility to work independently and at your own pace, studying and completing assignments when it’s most convenient for you. This means you’ll need to be self-motivated, proactive, and organized. With an online program, you’ll have the support of your instructors and fellow students, but you will be required to keep yourself accountable for your work. You’ll need to successfully keep track of your progress and plan accordingly in order to complete assignments.

Interactive Learning

3. Yes or No: Do you enjoy interactive learning?

Everyone has a different learning style and that’s great! Most online training programs will offer you a number of different ways to learn, including video, audio, and printed material. Just make sure whichever program you choose provides learning materials in formats that fit the way you learn best.

Online Training - Achieve Goals

4. Yes or No: Will an online training help you achieve your goals?

What are your future goals? Do you want to start your own coaching business, work in a corporate setting, or partner with other wellness professionals? Are you building on existing healthcare skills or are you brand-new to the industry?

Online programs can be just as robust and interactive as an in-person program. When you make your final decision, you’ll just want to be sure it offers training on topics that interest you and will help you meet your career goals.

Look for a program that will provide resources to help you in your future career, such as business and marketing resources, checklists, coaching demos, templates, and more. It should also equip you with real-life training with practice clients so you can hone your coaching skills and graduate with the confidence you need to start working with clients.

Tech Savvy

5. Yes or No: Are you tech-savvy?

This seems straightforward, but if you’re unfamiliar with learning new computer programs or working frequently online, you’ll want to have a clear understanding of what equipment you’ll need and how to access the course. If you’ve not spent a lot of time working online, this does not mean that you shouldn’t enroll in an online program! You’ll just want to prepare for a slight learning curve and be willing to ask for help and support.

Interact with Peers Online

6. Yes or No: Are you comfortable interacting with peers online?

At Health Coach Institute, our students have developed close, lifelong relationships (and even business partnerships!) with their fellow students—relationships that were all developed online! They support and stretch each other through training and beyond.

Support is an important component when you’re training to become a Health Coach. It’s especially important if you enroll in an online program, as you won’t have face-to-face options available to you. Look for a program that provides comprehensive support for every step of your journey as a student. Ideally, you’ll want to look for: easy ways to connect with other students, such as forums or Facebook groups, opportunities for mentorship, access to instructor office hours, career services support, and technical support.

Feel at Home

7. Yes or No: Does online training make you feel at home?

There are a lot of wonderful things to look forward to when you complete your Health Coach training online. But most important is finding a program where you feel at home. Do you connect with the instructors? Do the student testimonials inspire you? Do you feel motivated and excited after reading the school’s website content or watching their videos? Each coaching program is different, which is why you should have a clear understanding of what you value most and which training program best matches your individual goals and dreams.

If you answered YES to the above questions, an online Health Coach school could be the perfect option for you!

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