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Farm Naked. It’s Soul Food. It’s Organic. Try It.

Farm… naked… what!? This was a wild-card thrown out by one of our recent HCI Live event attendees who announced, to a ballroom full of Health Coaches and coaches in the making, that he was a firm believer in biodynamic farming that utilizes rich, fertile, nutrient-dense soil as the basis for planting and harvesting the […]

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Why Vajazzling Your Vajayjay Revitalizes Your Health in 60 Seconds

Okay, firstly, what the heck is vajazzling anyway? For those of you who are vajazzling-novices, it’s the art of adorning your pubic area with jewels. In other words it means bling to your vajayjay. Still not sure? It’s the practice of bedazzling your vagina with jewels, which was made popular by actress Jennifer Love Hewitt […]

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