Farm… naked… what!? This was a wild-card thrown out by one of our recent HCI Live event attendees who announced, to a ballroom full of Health Coaches and coaches in the making, that he was a firm believer in biodynamic farming that utilizes rich, fertile, nutrient-dense soil as the basis for planting and harvesting the healthiest, most nutritious produce out there. And, he added, he achieved all this by (proudly) farming butt naked!

He also said that his naked farming was something his wife had been trying discourage him from doing but, in the same breath, he added that everyone in the room ought to try it. Don’t worry though, we won’t be sending out an invisible megaphone announcement to strip to your birthday suit, get down in the dirt and start pulling some weeds.

Here’s our take on this. Simply roll up your sleeves, or strip down to your vest, cut your jean pants into jean shorts, and get rid of the layers of clothing if you’re in the privacy of your own garden or farm (if you can). What we’re encouraging is a deeper connection with the elements not an exhibitionist nudist parade to peeping neighbors.

Farming or gardening is such an amazing opportunity to feel the earth and it doesn’t matter whether you have a 40 acre farmland or a 4 foot by 4 foot veggie box. Just pull off your socks and kick off your shoes and get the dirt between your toes. Feel the worms crawling around. Stretch out your arms and let the sun pour its infinite love on your skin. Feel the wind whispering to you. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature.

How often do we ever do this?

Toss your garden gloves aside and your tools. Get down on your knees and feel the soil with your hands. Don’t worry, dirt won’t bite. It’s an opportunity to get quiet and meditative, to listen to the wind and to forget about the world at large, even if just for 15 minutes. It will still be there when you open your eyes. Listen to the bird sounds, to the trees rustling in the breeze. Nature talks. And if you listen, real close, she always has a message for you…that’ll bring you home.

This practice is safe. It’s free. It’s healthy. And if you want to go the full monty or the whole-hog, you can safely do so. Mother nature has no judgement. Connect with the earth. Feel the ground. Get dirty. You will walk away (actually you will hop, skip and jump away) feeling like the sun-kissed, wind-swept, living and alive being that you truly are.

And who knows, you may love this practice so much that you won’t just want to save farming/gardening in your birthday suit…for your birthday.

Let us know how you get down and dirty with the earth and if it wakes you up to feeling like a happier person!

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