We’re throwing it back in honor of Throwback Thursday!

We found this oldie but goodie from 2012 in our video archives and we just had to share. It features Stacey Morgenstern and Carey Peters (Health Coach Institute’s badass co-founders) rocking it way back in their Holistic MBA days.

This video is living proof that Stacey and Carey have been inspiring and training masterful Health Coaches and raising the bar for many years—nearly 13 to be exact!

From Holistic Roots to Mastering Coaching

For those of you who don’t know, Holistic MBA was the original name of HCI’s HMBA Mastery program—a graduate-level Health Coach training Stacey and Carey developed to help coaches accelerate their personal and professional growth so they could reach new levels of success. Holistic MBA was where all the Health Coaches from other schools went to learn how to build a successful career after they graduated from their initial certification.

A few years later, Stacey and Carey went on to create their foundational Become a Health Coach program, after countless grad students said they wished they’d had Stacey and Carey’s instruction, mentorship, and guidance from the very beginning of their Health Coaching journey.

Why Do “Coaches in Training” Choose Health Coach Institute?

Why? Because Stacey and Carey’s genius lies in knowing how to create truly masterful Health Coaches.

They don’t just train students in the art and science of coaching—they also train them in the business and marketing of coaching, so they are prepared to help clients get results and make a great living doing it.

Passing Along Trial and Error Results to Shorten the Learning Curve for Coaching Students

When they created HCI, Stacey and Carey took what they’d learned through trial and error on their own path to becoming six-figure Health Coaches and distilled it into a simple system that gets results.

Our grads love HCI because our trainings are:

  • Cutting-edge, science-based, and results-driven
  • Engaging and fun
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Personally and professionally transformative
  • Convenient and flexible
  • Hands-on
  • Collaborative and community-centered

The Health Coach Institute Has Trained Thousands of Coaching Students!

At HCI, we’re honored to have had the opportunity to train over 10,000 students around the world. Our graduates are on the frontlines, revolutionizing healthcare as we know it, and we could not be more proud of their commitment to help others reclaim their health and aliveness through the power of habit change.

If you’re looking for a Health Coach School that will give you:

  • The nutrition expertise and coaching skills to help others make healthy habit changes that stick
  • The business and marketing know-how to attract and win clients (and run a business with ease)
  • A heart-centered community to stretch, support, and encourage you to achieve your career and life dreams
  • The hands-on support not just during your training, but far into the future, to ensure your success
  • The tools to amplify your Health Coaching career and help you expand your reach as a coach

Join Health Coach Institute and Enroll in Coaching Classes!

HCI is an industry leader in the health and wellness coaching. Our coaches have designed programs for all types of needs. From a basic health coach program, to stress management and even Master level coaching, Health Coach Institute has a course that will fit your goals. Join HCI and start your path towards a rewarding career in coaching!


Health Coach Institute provides aspiring Health and Life Coaches with the tools, training, and support to make a great living transforming lives.