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Did someone in your life dis your coaching dream?

A hugely popular topic among our students is: How to know when to leave people behind who don’t support your coaching dreams? If, since saying YES to your coaching path, you’ve experienced this in your own life from one or more people, read on! Growth is scary. Not only for you who is doing the […]

9.21.18 | Shani Raviv

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A Day In The Life With Kela Smith

Kela Smith is a graduate of our BHC Janurary 2018 class and a HMBA Mastery Student! Check out what a day in Kela’s life looks like below! Hi, I’m Kela Smith and I am a Health and Life Coach.  I coach my clients on how to lose weight and get into the body they love […]

8.20.18 | Shani Raviv

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What Makes Coaches Choose Coaching?

Why coach? One of the most amazing things about coaching is that it’s a win-win for coach and client. Often, in helping professions, the ‘healer/helper’ gains as much, if not more, than the client and this is so true of coaching. One of our beliefs is that you can only take a client as far […]

8.17.18 | Shani Raviv

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The Many Career Paths for Health Coaches

Health Coaching is expanding into mainstream medicine, the corporate world, schools, and other institutions. Health Coaches are starting to be seen as essential collaborators who can provide clients and patients with the critical support, accountability, and guidance they need to transform their health in a sustainable way. We interviewed HCI’s Director of Career Services and […]

6.15.18 | Shani Raviv

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10 Reasons Moms Make The Best Health Coaches

Did you know that, as a mom, you inherently possess a number of attributes that can give you an edge as a future Health Coach? It’s true! Those traits and skills you’ve been honing over the years as a mom actually translate into major pluses when it comes to working as a Health Coach. So […]

5.7.18 | Admin

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90 Days With A Newbie Health Coach Transformed Her Life Forever

When you sign up to work with a Health Coach to help you transform your health you are agreeing to being vulnerable and being seen for your weaknesses and strengths. Not an easy thing to sign up for. But when the fit is right and there is rapport and trust established from the get-go, miracles […]

3.12.18 | Admin

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