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Profitable Health Coaching Business Roadmap: 7 Steps To Success

Becoming a health coach already holds plenty of benefits, not just in your career and financial progress, but most importantly in your holistic personal growth.  Now, imagine these benefits multiplied when you build your very own health coaching business.  However, as promising as this sounds, having your own health coaching business requires a hefty amount […]

2.8.21 | seoss

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Become a Nutrition Coach: 5 Proven Ways To Boost Your Career

If you are contemplating whether to become a nutrition coach, read on to discover how it can boost your career.  The health and wellness industry provides ever-expanding opportunities for career enhancement especially for those who are working on the medical field and fitness arena. Nutrition coaches are sought after especially by individuals who are fervent […]

10.22.20 | Admin

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Wellness Coach vs. Health Coach: The Key Differences

With the promising professional opportunities presented by the health and wellness industry, there is no doubt that many people are paying more attention to entering the coaching business. If you are interested in this profession, it is imperative that you understand the difference between a health coach and wellness coach. These two titles are often […]

9.14.20 | Admin

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Are Free Health Coach Training Programs Worth their Weight?

The path to becoming a health coach always begins with the right education. Considering the appeal of the profession that includes sustainable compensation, wide-ranging employment opportunities, and personal growth, it is only a matter of time that the job will become exceedingly competitive. Hence, any advantage should not be taken for granted. However, those who […]

9.9.20 | Admin

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How to Become a Health Coach without a College Degree

A recent survey showed that most Americans are concerned about their health. For example, in 2018, More than 45 percent of American citizens made a resolution to keep fit or to lose weight. Another 25 percent said that they wanted to have a happier sex life, while about sixteen percent resolved to quit smoking. This […]

7.15.20 | Admin

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