Health Coaching is an exciting, increasingly in-demand career where you can make a lucrative living helping others transform their lives—while also transforming your life in the process!

If you are considering becoming a Health Coach, you may also be drawn to the freedom and flexibility this career provides. With the help of advances in technology like Zoom and Skype, today’s Health Coaches can have a successful online business and don’t have to just work locally within their community.

As a Health Coach you have the power to create a thriving virtual business from anywhere in the world—one that fits with your lifestyle and goals for the future!

Work From Anywhere as a Health Coach

The latest generation of Health Coaches are building their careers from all around the world. They’re working with clients online and in-person, from their home offices to their back patios to their favorite coffee shops and beyond.

Read on to find out how YOU too can build the online Health Coaching career of your dreams!

What is it like to be an Online Health Coach?

Virtual Health Coaches work with clients to improve their overall health and well-being by developing individualized plans to assist clients in achieving specific health and wellness goals they’ve set for themselves, or implementing the healthcare directives provided by their doctors or other healthcare professionals.

Many coaches work with their clients weekly or bi-weekly for a minimum of 12 sessions via Zoom or other online platform. This allows the opportunity to work with a client over time, and ensure lasting habit change through accountability and support.

A Day in the Life of a Health Coach

A regular day for an online Health Coach is made up of meetings and sessions with clients and creating action plans for clients. You’ll handle administrative tasks like responding to emails and phone calls, and handle marketing for your business, like managing social media and your website, creating and researching resources, and networking with other Health Coaches and colleagues.

As a Health Coach with an online business, you’ll communicate with clients in a number of different ways, including email, online (via apps like Skype and Zoom), over the phone, text message, or in person if you live close by or choose to have an office. Your main focus during client sessions will be getting to know your clients on a deeply personal level and helping them get clear on where they want to go. After you’ve worked together for a while, you’ll help them create an action plan to meet their goals and work with them to develop healthy habits that serve them for life.

You Can Enjoy More Free Time as a Health Coach

In addition to your work responsibilities, one of the beauties of being a Health Coach is that you can also build time into your days to do the things that bring you happiness…whatever that may look like to you! It might look like growing an amazing garden, reading your favorite books, spending more time with your children, or meditating every day, for instance.

Whatever your days look like as an online Health Coach, one thing you can be sure of is this: you’ll have the freedom to create a career that works for you while also finding fulfillment in your personal life.

You’ll get to create your own schedule and design the life you want to live. 

Best Practices for Health Coaching Online

Beyond what you’re already bringing to the table—that is, your amazing personality, experience, and a passion for health and wellness and helping others—you’ll need some practical things to get you set up for a successful coaching career.

Training. At Health Coach Institute, we do recommend you choose a credible certificate training program. Obtaining your certification isn’t a legal requirement, but it will better prepare you to help clients and provide you the skills and tools to learn how to coach, plus give you the credential to look more credible to your clients.

You’ll also feel confident you’ve received a well-rounded coaching education, like from a school such as Health Coach Institute and the Become a Health Coach program, that’s CCC-accredited by the International Coach Federation.

Technology. Since you’ll be meeting with your clients virtually, you’ll need to have reliable technology. You’ll want to ensure you have fast, reliable internet, and a functioning and up-to-date computer or iPad (with updated programs like Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts). You also may want to consider a landline—a dinosaur, we know! But if the internet goes out, you’ll need to have a way for clients to reach you. You may also want to consider a dedicated conference line or Google number, where you can record calls and share them with clients after their sessions.

Professional Space (literally and figuratively). Health Coaching is a flexible career like no other, but it’s still a business and should be treated as such. You’ll want to create a professional space to work in, whether it’s an office in your home, a rented office space, or even a cozy area on your back deck out in nature. Wherever you work, make it a dedicated working space. This will help you (and your family) respect the boundaries of your work.

When working remotely, it can be easy to fall into the trap of working anytime, anywhere. It can be tempting to answer emails or phone calls night and day, but for your own well-being it’s best that you keep regular office hours so clients learn when you’re available to them and respect your personal time as well.

How to Find Online Health Coaching Programs

Training is a huge component of becoming a successful virtual Health Coach. Each school has different offerings and you’ll want to ensure you choose a program that will prepare you for the kind of career that fits your passions, goals, and the ways you learn best.

We have a ton of great information about choosing the right Health Coach training program for you in our How to Choose a Health Coach Training blog post.

Become a Health Coach Online Your Way

Health Coaching is an incredibly rewarding career and we love seeing our grads out there changing the world! We have Health Coaches who are helping people lose weight, combat chronic disease, reduce stress, find more energy, and so much more—all from the comfort of home! Incidentally, Health Coach Salaries provide a healthy financial life as well.

As we shift the way we think about healthcare and realize that the old way of treating symptoms and prescribing medicine just isn’t working, Health Coaches are emerging as the future of health and wellness.

As a virtual Health Coach, you can care for your family and your clients in a way that makes YOU feel alive and changes the lives of the people around you.

Become a Health Coach by Joining HCI!

Does becoming an online Health Coach sound like an exciting opportunity you’d like to explore?  Find out more about HCI’s 6-month online Health Coach training called Become a Health Coach and get ready to create a fulfilling future from anywhere you choose! 


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