We’re very excited to have Become a Health & Life Coach graduate Whitney Miller bringing back our Day In The Life Blog! We think you will love Whitney’s passion for her life and her clients. Keep scrolling to see how this boss babe spends her day as a full-time Health Coach.

A Little About Me…

Hi! I am so glad you’re here! My name is Whitney Miller and I am the owner and founder of Transcend Health & Wellness. I am an RRCA Certified Running Coach and a Certified Health & Life Coach. I work with runners who feel lost, frustrated, and stuck who want to overcome the obstacles and step into their personal power through running.

I am married to the man of my dreams and we have two wild and loving dogs, Maddy and Bentley, and one sweet kit-cat named Rory. My husband and I live out in the country and love living in the peace and quiet. I was not a country girl when we moved to the wilderness, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love to read, go on long runs with our dogs, learn new things, and be in the sunshine!

I grew up as an athlete and was a competitive swimmer from the time I was six years old through college. I swam for the University of Indianapolis in Indiana and adored swimming. I knew that exercising always made me feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically. After college, I quickly came to the realization that I needed something to fill the time that swimming had throughout my life and I also desired to find something to help manage the daily stress that comes with adulthood. 

In 2008, I began running. Running helped me just as swimming had, but this time I became acutely aware of the high level of anxiety and stress that I suffered daily. Running was my peace. Running was what healed me. I spent years running to get away from problems, negative experiences, unfulfilling jobs, health issues, and my negative mindset. I spent a great deal of my training time running from the unhappiness in my life. I used it to process and work things out, but ultimately, I still felt stuck.

At this point in my life I was in an extremely unfulfilling, frustrating career that was zapping my energy daily and leaving me feeling lost and overwhelmed. I loved certain parts of my career but knew that I wasn’t living the life I truly desired for myself OR being the person I truly knew I was destined to be. After almost 10 years in my previous career, I took the leap and moved into a career that I knew was my stepping stone to whatever was meant for me next. I grew, shifted, changed, and transformed AND found coaching. In that moment, it was as if I had FINALLY found what I had been searching for my entire life- myself.

As I continued down my path of transformation, I realized that if I could change my negative thoughts, mindset, and habits that were in my daily life I could also change my experience and relationship with running. I realized that I didn’t always have to run to manage the pain and discontent in my life. I began to run for the pure joy it brought me, to feel powerful, and to be present in my life and the nature around me. I stopped seeing running as something that helped me escape my unfulfilled life, and instead something that helped elevate my life.

Now, running is a source of love for me- not an outlet for pain. Running is what makes my soul radiate and it is my happy time! Through the years, I’ve trained for multiple half marathons and marathons and what I’ve learned during my journey is that I’ve stepped into a more powerful version of myself and my life.

Running creates positive change in every person’s life! Running isn’t just the miles- it is the mindset, health, and life habits that create the most fulfilled runner. I know that every person can change their life through running and I’m here to show my clients how.

Choosing this relationship with running allowed me to move closer towards my dream life. That was where Transcend Health & Wellness was born. Transcending to my best self and sharing that love with others continues to be a beautiful experience.

How I Spend My Day…

My day is so amazingly different than before and sometimes I still pinch myself that it is something I GET to experience daily!

I begin my day with about 2-3 minutes of yoga. I choose to start my day like this because I have noticed it makes a huge difference in my ability to wake up easily, my mindset, and my body soreness. I begin with a few cat-cows, then move to child’s pose, downward facing dog, and a few sun salutations. I always finish the sun salutations with gratitude.

After a few minutes of yoga, I start my day with my essentials- daily natural supplements to help with digestion and mineral levels and essential oils. I use both of these tools to help support my immune system and manage anxiety, stress, and muscle soreness from running and exercising. Essential oils are a must for me because they truly support me in recovering from challenging running workouts, yoga, and cycling. Essentials for the day- check! Now breakfast time! I like to eat my breakfast outside on our front porch listening to the birds and sounds of nature while overlooking the beautiful scenery. I use this time as a grounding springboard for my day. I find I have the best days when I begin like this. Calm, grounded, grateful. I spend 20-30 minutes outside eating breakfast, listening, and loving the space that I live in. I then spend 5-10 minutes meditating. I’m going to be honest, this is a newer practice of mine, but it is one that I have come to love. I am still working on making it a daily practice!

Breakfast and grounding, quiet time- check! Next up is working with clients, creating, marketing, and growing! I love working with my clients! When I work with a runner, I create a customized running training plan for them based on where they’re at in their running journey as well as their fitness level. I have sessions with my clients weekly where we discuss the great things about training, the not so great, AND the outside factors that are getting in the way of having their best training cycle. I work with clients on overcoming fear, negative beliefs about self, mental mindset, and identifying how to step into their personal power in all areas of their life. Seeing my clients move from being lost, frustrated, and stuck to being in action, powerful, and capable is something that fills my heart with so much joy! Running coaching is something that I know to be my calling and creating a space for runners to flourish and embody their greatness is absolutely magical!

When I’m not working with clients, I am focusing on my business essentials! I love to create new content for my runners and use tools from my personal and professional growth to do so! I spend one full day during my week learning and growing. I know that this allows me to continue to bring new content to my community of runners as well as continue to grow in my coaching! Meeting with other coaches and entrepreneurs, working with my personal coaches, and connecting with my accountability partners are key for me to continue at the high level of positive energy I seek daily. When weather permits, I like to do work outside on our beautiful deck overlooking our pond and woods. Working outside is something that I have found to help my focus as well as continue the day’s intention of gratitude from my morning practice. Maddy and Bentley join me and are lazy deck dogs while I work

Once work has completed for the day, I love to go on a run, do yoga, or strength training. When I head out the door for a run, I run on country roads often passing cows, horses, and sweet dogs that come out to greet me. I enjoy the routes that are close to me and love a good trail run! There is something about getting out on a trail and losing myself in the sound of my footsteps and breathing! Running fills my soul. Every. Time. Yoga is a practice for me as well and when my body is feeling the need to slow down or work on my strength, I choose yoga. It is imperative that I practice multiple types of exercise in order to stay the strongest I can as a runner. Having a workout routine that is only running can result in injury and this is something I work diligently to prevent through daily strength and mobility practices.

After my daily workout, I enjoy ending my day reading and spending time with my husband, Matt. We like to take our dogs on a walk, feed the fish, check on the chickens, play cards, and just be together. Living in our little oasis is such a blessing and I am grateful for it every day! 

Final Thoughts…

Living the life I desire hasn’t come easy and some days are still a struggle. There are times when I doubt myself and fear overtakes me just like it does you. What I want to tell you is- don’t let fear fool you. Don’t avoid your greatness just to be safe. Do the thing. Quit the job. Say yes to your heart’s desire. It isn’t going to be easy but what it is, is SO much better. Is it full of blessing, love, certainty, roller-coasters, defeat, triumph, joy, and sadness. It is rich with purpose and life-altering. It is worth every single cent and all of the blood, sweat, and tears. You are worth your dream! Own your greatness and be brave enough to embody it in your work. Invest in yourself! And once you do, you will look back and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Sending love and light,

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