As society as a whole continues to battle lifestyle diseases like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, it’s become more and more clear that many people could benefit from working with a holistic Health Coach.

And yet, many of them aren’t—at least not yet. A 2018 report from Marketdata found that 60 percent of Americans would like to work with a Health Coach. But most of them say they’ve never been offered the chance! Only about one in five report they’ve been asked to consider working with a Health Coach.

Holistic Coaches are Now Primed to Change Peoples Lives

Now for the good news: that’s a lot of people who could be ready and excited to create real, lasting transformation in their lives! And that’s where you, the super enthusiastic holistic Health Coach, come in. Let’s look at a few of the many ways that you can help transform a client’s life. That way, when a potential client asks you, “How can a holistic Health Coach transform my life?” you will be more than ready with a great answer!

Holistic Health Coach Diet Plans

Many holistic Health Coaches work with their clients to address issues related to food and educate them about the benefits of good nutrition. It’s not that you’re recommending a particular diet to your client—rather, you’re helping your client understand what they eat, why they eat it, and how they can change any bad habits. You help them develop strategies to alter their diets to improve their health.

Here’s an example. You have a client who wants to drop a few pounds and “eat healthier.” You and your client collaborate to get a clear picture of the client’s current diet, determine some areas that need improvement, and then set out some reasonable strategies for achieving the goal. You might talk about how to avoid consuming “hidden sugars” that lurk in so many foods, like salad dressing and condiments, and emphasize the importance of reading food labels. Ultimately, you will be helping your client change the way they look at food, so they’ll make healthier choices—and be healthier in the long run.

Holistic Health Coach Exercise Routines

Just like nutrition, physical fitness is a critically important part of our well-being. The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that adults in the United States log 150 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise each week. However, only about half (53 percent) of them are actually getting that much exercise. (An even smaller percentage is working on building stronger muscles and bones.) That leaves a lot of people on the couch.

As a holistic Health Coach, you can work with people to identify any barriers to getting enough exercise. You can explore their attitudes toward exercise and unpack any resistance or fears that they may have. You can help them discover exercise they enjoy and help them figure out how to make time in their day so they can get moving.

Together, you can even develop an exercise routine with a series of achievable steps to boost your client’s physical activity so they won’t even be tempted to scurry back to that couch. For a client who may have wondered if they could ever “get back in shape,” you will be able to show them that, yes, they can achieve a stronger, healthier body that enables them to live their best life!

Holistic Health Coach Success Rates

If you’re new to holistic Health Coaching, you may wonder how you’ll recognize success in your clients. How do you know if your guidance is really helping your clients transform their lives?

The short answer—ask them! The work of a holistic Health Coach is based on evidence that helping people make healthy lifestyle changes results in lasting transformation. Sure, you can track some of those numbers. You can monitor which clients stopped smoking, or track how many pounds a client lost, or view an exercise log to see that a client is now walking or biking four days per week. But it can’t be entirely quantified with numbers on a page. Talk to your clients and ask them to assess their progress. In fact, it should be a regular part of the process.

But there’s another type of success that you should consider, too: your own success. Take some time on a regular basis to do some self-reflection. You could develop a self-assessment for your coaching practice that takes into account factors such as your client load, your clients’ progress, your income, and your marketing efforts.

Don’t forget to assess your own feelings! Health Coaching is a very rewarding career, but it can’t be all about your clients all the time. You have to be deliberate about caring for yourself and your needs. You know better than anyone if you’re feeling motivated and want to build up your client base or put that exciting new plan into action, or if you need to dial things back for a while and take some time for you.

Holistic Health Coach Client Testimonials

Congratulations! Your clients are responding positively to your guidance, and you’re feeling great about your work together. Don’t miss this great opportunity to channel some of that positive energy into marketing your coaching practice.

Ask some of your happy clients if they’d be willing to provide client testimonials for your website or blog. Capture their energy and their stories so potential clients might find inspiration in them—and seek you out for a new coaching relationship.

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