Life Coaching is an up-and-coming career that can allow you to use your passion for helping others to create a dream career—one that provides the opportunity to effect real change in the world AND the freedom to work where and when you choose.

The best news is that this career freedom is easier to achieve now than it has ever been before due to amazing advancements in technology.

Our ability to be both mobile AND connected has changed the way we do business in every industry and Life Coaching is no different.
Life Coaches are building their businesses from all around the world…from their homes, their favorite coffee shops, the beach, the mountains…the beauty of the job is that you can coach online from virtually anywhere!

Read on to find out how you can prepare yourself for a successful career as a virtual Life Coach!

What Does it Take to Be a Life Coach Online?

Beyond what you already have inside of you—a passion for helping others, a love of learning and personal growth, and the desire to build a career on your own terms—there are just a few other things you’ll need to launch a coaching career online.

Training. While there aren’t any official regulations when it comes to becoming a Life Coach, at Health Coach Institute we do recommend you pursue a credible training. You’ll receive the best education out there, and clients and colleagues will gain respect and trust for your capabilities.
Technology. If you’re going to coach clients online, you’ll want to be sure that you’re set up to coach clients from anywhere. We’ll talk more about this below, but if you’re not quite comfortable using technology, now is the time to take some classes at your local library, ask a trusted friend to show you the basics, or use the vast resources available on Google to learn. Don’t worry if you’re not super tech savvy—anyone can learn!
Drive to succeed. Life Coaching is a booming industry, but that doesn’t mean it’s “easy” to launch a successful career. You will have to put in the hours, energy, and dedication it takes to grow your business. You’ll have to work hard to get the word out, network, market your services, and handle the day-to-day administrative duties. Is it work? Yes. But is it absolutely worth your time and energy? Without a doubt!

What Does Online Life Coaching Look Like?

The short answer to that question is—whatever you want it to look like!

There is no one way to be a virtual Life Coach. The beauty of coaching is that you get to create a career that suits you. You choose where you work, when you work, and what type of clients (and how many) to take on.

You also get to leave time in your day to do the things that fill you up and bring you peace, whether it’s yoga, reading, meditation, or spending time with your family or your pets.

When it comes to your work, your days will likely be a combination of meetings and sessions with clients, making plans for your clients, responding to emails and phone calls, marketing your business on social media or your website, and networking with colleagues.

As a Life Coach with an online business, you can communicate with clients in a number of different ways, including email, online sessions (via apps like Skype and Zoom), over the phone, or in person. During these sessions, your main goal will be to get to know your client, identify patterns in their behavior, help them see a clear path forward, and then help them create an action plan to make it happen.

However you choose to structure your days, you can be sure that you can do the things that leave you feeling fulfilled and that grow your business—whatever they may be!

How to Market Yourself as a Life Coach Online

If you’ll be working online, you’ll need a strong online presence. We all check reviews on Amazon, on Yelp, and on Angie’s List before we decide to work with a professional or make a purchase. Your future clients will be no different. They’ll want to check you out! Make sure you’re easy to find online and your content is reflective of your coaching style.

Here are a few areas we recommend focusing on first:

  • Website. Create a site that highlights what you offer as a coach. You’ll need pages that list your bio, services you offer, how you work with clients, client success stories, and contact information. Your website should have a loud and proud call to action—either a way to easily get in touch with you or schedule an appointment, or an opt-in form so they can sign up to receive emails and newsletters from you.
  • Blog. We highly recommend having a blog on your website so you can regularly share your expertise, and build authority and trust with future (and current) clients! Offer original, valuable, well-crafted information and resources, especially content that highlights your area(s) of specialty.
  • Marketing Tools. There are a lot of different ways to get attention for your business. Some of the most effective include offering freebies (like a meditation guide, a worksheet on building confidence, a guide to managing stress, tips for finding greater work/life balance, etc.), a free consultation (so your clients can get a feel for your coaching style), or even fun giveaways.
  • Advertise. Consider running ads on the internet and on social media as a way of building awareness, promoting pricing specials, boosting traffic to your free guides, or highlighting content on your blog.
  • Build an Email List. Email is a great way to stay connected to leads and provide exciting news and updates about your business. There are a number of user-friendly contact management systems like MailChimp and Constant Contact that will allow you to gather email addresses and send communications easily using pre-built templates.
  • Social Media. Social media can be an incredible source of leads for your business and a way to connect with current and past clients. We could write an entire post about social media best practices, but it’s important that you build a solid, engaging online presence on the most popular social sites. Once you create a profile, post regularly, use hashtags, and interact with all of your followers.
  • Video. Video is also a powerful tool that can be used in conjunction with all of the above initiatives. You can film simple messages for current and prospective clients and then use them on social media, on your website, and in advertising. Letting everyone see your smiling face and hear your words is a great way to establish trust.

Taking all of these actions will allow you to position yourself as an expert in the field, gain visibility, and establish your unique brand of Life Coaching

Best Practices for Life Coaching Online

As more and more aspects of our lives move into the digital realm, the best practices for running an online business are constantly evolving. From updated technology to online trends to privacy, you should always know the latest tools of the online trade!

Here are 5 best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Up-to-Date, Reliable Technology. As we all know, technology is constantly evolving. From the latest in computers to apps that can help you run your business, you should stay educated about all the latest trends and ensure your equipment is always functioning optimally. Keep your computer hard drive clean and updated. Keep files organized and all apps you use updated. Since you’ll be meeting with clients virtually, make sure you have communication apps that are easy for both you and clients to use. Have one email and phone number dedicated to your business. Take the time to read articles and educate yourself about the latest technology available.
  2. Good Internet Connection. This seems like a given, but as an online coach, it’s vitally important that you have a reliable, fast internet connection. You’d hate to have a client in the middle of an impactful session only to lose your connection—literally and figuratively! Speak with your service provider to ensure you have the best connection and modem available for your purposes. Run any necessary updates and purchase new equipment as necessary. When all else fails—and we all know that the internet can fail just when we need it most—head to your favorite cafe or library and use theirs! This is a great option if you have paperwork or business matters to catch up on, but likely isn’t ideal for client meetings. Clients will expect to be able to have a discreet, private conversation. You may also want to have a landline available for backup and a conference line you can share with clients for those times when your internet refuses to cooperate.
  3. Quiet, Comfortable Space. If you’re going to be an online Life Coach, you can work anywhere, but you’ll likely spend a lot of time in your home office. Make sure your space is comfortable, with a good chair, plenty of desk space, and all the tools you’ll need (computer, headset, pens and notebooks, etc.). If possible, it should be a quiet space where you can concentrate and meet with clients.
  4. Boundaries. Working online is an amazing opportunity to build the career of your dreams. But when you’re working online, it’s important to set boundaries both for yourself and your clients. While more and more people work from home these days, it’s still important that you treat your job like any other you’d have in a “regular” office setting. It might work great for you to keep regular office hours and make sure clients know that you won’t be answering phone calls or emails any time of day or night. Your family and friends should also know that just because you work remotely, that doesn’t mean that you’re available any time of day for a chat or to run an errand. Make sure your family respects your work area. When it comes to working with clients online, you should always be aware of how to discreetly and professionally manage your online relationships. Never post anything about the work you’re doing with a client on social media or your website without their permission. And ensure that you’re the only one with access to any accounts where you might receive any private emails or messages.
  5. Flexibility. Being an online Life Coach comes with a lot of flexibility for you to do the things you love and that’s great! But you should know that it also requires you to be flexible. Many of your clients will be working professionals or busy parents, so they might not always be able to meet during regular business hours. There may be times where they’ll have to cancel or reschedule appointments. Be sure you set expectations with clients about your schedule, but are also respectful.
Be the Best Online Life Coach YOU Can Be

At the end of the day, your career will be driven by one thing—YOU! You are the only you! You bring a unique set of skills and passion to your job that no one else can.

Whatever your experience, knowledge, or education, your clients will connect with you on a personal level as you help them achieve real change in their lives. So don’t be like everyone else!

When you talk about your business, whether it’s through word of mouth, via email, or in marketing materials, speak with your own unique voice. Build on your own life experiences and what you’ve learned from your clients. Be open and honest and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and let potential clients see the real you!

If Life Coaching sounds like your dream career, we’d love to tell you more about Health Coach Institute and a career in Life Coaching

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