Olga Nelson, affectionately known as “Polkiz,” radiates light and her energy is magnetic. In a recent conversation with the Health Coach Institute, she shared her inspiring transformation to becoming a health coach and life coach. However, Olga’s story is not just about becoming a certified life coach; it’s an experience of self-discovery, empowerment, and the incredible potential we all hold within ourselves. 

A mother of a two-year-old daughter, Olga left her career in mechanical engineering to focus on raising her child. In those early days of motherhood, Olga found herself immersed in the world of YouTube. Fueled by a passion for teaching and a desire to empower women, she launched and poured her energy into creating her own YouTube content, sharing ketogenic recipes, and offering advice on confidence and goal-reaching for women everywhere. Having experienced the impact of a life coach herself during her pregnancy, Olga decided to explore life coaching to enhance her ability to guide women on a deeper level. 

Becoming a Certified Life Coach

Her path took a turn when she discovered the Health Coach Institute. A six-month program encompassing both health and life coaching, the Health Coach Institute aligned perfectly with her aspirations. The decision to enroll, however, wasn’t immediate. For six months, Olga kept the tab open on her computer, contemplating the perfect time to make the commitment. It was her husband who provided the final push, recognizing her potential and encouraging her to pursue her calling.

“I feel like when you’re on the fence, a part of you really wants it, but maybe fear or waiting for the perfect time is holding you back,” she explained. “Once you make the decision, the universe works in your favor to make it happen.”

Olga’s path to becoming a certified life coach began in February 2023 when she decided to take a leap of faith and enroll in the Health Coach Institute’s Become a Health & Life Coach program

Enrolling in the Health Coach Institute program in March 2023, Olga completed the curriculum in the recommended six months. The program not only equipped her with valuable tools but also provided a transformative experience that touched every aspect of her life.

“The coaching program transformed me as well before I became a coach, and now I’m like a different person thanks to that too,” the Texas-based life coach shared.

The Goddess Transformation Program

Armed with her health and life coach certification from the Health Coach Institute, Olga launched the Goddess Transformation Program in the fall of 2023. This coaching initiative aims to empower women by helping them tap into the power of their inner goddess. The program covers topics such as aligning with feminine energy, setting boundaries, and understanding the energetics of money. Olga’s goal is to guide women toward achieving their desired outcomes, whether it’s a fulfilling marriage, financial success, or overall personal growth.

Looking ahead to the next 12 months, Olga envisions expanding her impact through group coaching sessions, both in the realm of relationships and financial empowerment. She plans to conduct in-person events, grow her YouTube channel, and hopes to work with around 40 to 50 women over the course of 2024.


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