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A Day In The Life of a Health Coach

BHC and HMBA Graduate, Lisa Taitelman, is featured on our Day In The HCI Live Blog today! This boss babe restarted her career at 53 years young and each day she gets more active and more inspiring. Read below to find out how Lisa spends her day as a Health Coach helping others find their […]

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A Day In The HCI Life with Beth Hicks

Beth Hicks is a current student of our Become a Health Coach program and is on her way to becoming a top-notch Coach! She spends part of her time coaching, part of her time being an awesome grandma, and the other part as a student. To learn how she balances it all read the newest […]

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Day In The HCI Life with Tasi Faapouli

Tasi Faapouli has an exciting day to share with you in the latest edition of Day In The Life Of An HCI Coach. Her love for life and the outdoors will not only inspire you to take a hike but will also give you some great ideas about new places you can take your clients. […]

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Spread the Love with our YouTube Review Challenge Winner, Libbie Lewis

We recently invited our community to a “Spread the Love” challenge and we were overwhelmed with the response! For a chance to win a year of our Mastery Program, we asked our students to upload reviews of the Become a Health Coach program to YouTube. We’re so excited today to introduce you to our winner […]

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HCI CEO Eric Neuner's Heart Warrior Speech Will Blow Your Heart Wide Open

This magnificent, vulnerable speech from HCI CEO, Eric Neuner, at HCI Live in Arizona is probably the most heartfelt, wisdom-filled message you will hear all year. Eric shares trauma from his childhood that created defenses that closed his heart and built walls around him. Eric soon learned that what worked for his survival, did not […]

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A Day In The HCI Life With Michelle Terry

We are very excited to welcome Michelle Terry, BHC Graduate and ICF-Certified Coach to our Day In The Life Blog. Michelle is in the same place in her coaching journey as many of our students are—she is just starting to build her coaching business. Read below to find out how Michelle manages a full time […]

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A Day In The HCI Life With Chelsea Nielsen

Chelsea Nielsen has been part of our HCI Community since July 2017 and has made some serious moves professionally and around the globe! Chelsea is a traveling Yoga teacher as well a Health and Abundance Coach. She is ecstatic to share a glimpse of her life as The Yoga Yachtie in this blog.    A Little […]

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A Day In The HCI Life With Christina Popovic

Christina Popovic blew our tribe away and ended up winning the $10k in 10 Weeks Challenge at our LIVE Event in April 2018. Now she’s here and excited to share how she spends her day running her own 6-figure business as well as being a present mom and wife.   A Little About Me Hi! I’m […]

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A Day In The HCI Life With Health Coach Alyx Coble-Frakes

This week’s Day in the Life post features Health Coach Alyx Coble-Frakes (BHC January 2018 class). Read on for a sneak peek into Alyx’s typical day as a Health Coach. A Little About Me Hi, my name is Alyx Coble-Frakes, and I am the founder of Fully Aligned Coaching! I started BHC in January of 2018 […]

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