Tasi Faapouli has an exciting day to share with you in the latest edition of Day In The Life Of An HCI Coach. Her love for life and the outdoors will not only inspire you to take a hike but will also give you some great ideas about new places you can take your clients. Tasi is a graduate of our BHC January 2018 Class and current member of the HMBA Mastery May 2018 Class. Read below to find out more about Tasi and how she spends her day as a Lifestyle Coach

A Little About Me…

Hello, my name is Tasi (sounds like “toss-ee”). I am the CEO of TasiCoaching Inc. I am a lifestyle coach who helps individuals take ownership over their lives, learn how to trust their intuition, and actually love the life they are living. Before I started coaching, I was a full-time executive assistant for a wealth management firm. I did not enjoy sitting at a desk and constantly dreamt of a life where I could create my own work schedule, enjoy more time outdoors, and do something that I absolutely loved. I now have my own business and am coaching full-time from any location in the world. I am LOVING my life, speaking my truth, and am comfortable with being completely uncomfortable in order to continue to grow to fully support myself and my clients.

My Typical Day…

I get excited to wake up! This has not always been the case so now that I am experiencing such excitement first thing in the morning I want to highlight my morning routine. It completely energizes me and I look forward to jumping out of bed every morning because I actually love my life. I first start off with a prayer to my Heavenly Father and an intention to move closer to achieving my goals for the day. I do not set an alarm and my body now wakes up on its own. If there is ever a day where I’m not feeling energized in the morning it’s a big red flag that allows me to know that I’m not allowing my body enough recovery time to process all of the things happening in my life—an indicator to slow down.

After my morning prayer time and goal setting, I like to jump right into a high-intensity workout. I enjoy HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workouts, running in the sand at the beach, hiking new trails, doing push-ups, jumping rope. or BeachBody T25 workout videos. When I accomplish a high-intensity workout it allows me to step into a stronger version of myself; I am physically stronger for pushing my physical limitations to grow strength and I am mentally stronger for adapting my mindset to complete this workout as a champion.

Now it’s time to fuel and nourish my body with some yummy food. I love steel cut oatmeal for breakfast with a mixture of nuts, chia seeds, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I also make a smoothie that consists of lemon water, frozen mango, and fresh pineapple blended in my Vitamix and sprinkled with some chia seeds and turmeric. I will also drink a cup of herbal tea (my favorite breakfast time tea is “Mountain Tea” by Traditional Medicinals).

Now that I’m fueled and able to think clearly, I get into what I really love to do—help my clients take ownership over their lives, learn how to trust their intuition, and love the life they are living! I have a handful of clients that I meet with in person. During these sessions, I pick different locations in nature so we can really embrace all that they are wanting to experience in their lifetime. This has by far been some of my favorite moments as a coach because I’ve always dreamt of the day where I would work outside and I can now say I am living out one of my dreams!

Coaches, remember that every master was once a disaster. Continue to show up powerfully in your gifts and be of service. You will be able to help those who need your help and remember you can’t help everyone. One last important thought for you—not everything is about you, but instead is about honoring your client’s highest version of who they want to become and who they are able to become with your help.

Once my client work is done, I take some time to quiet my mind by sitting at the beach and enjoying a meal in the sand. I like to listen to the waves crashing and feel overwhelmed with the loving and peaceful atmosphere that the beach creates for me. I recommend that whatever you do in life, you find a location that brings you peace and love so that you can experience quiet downtime with yourself. It is extremely important for all of us as individuals to spend time connecting with ourselves to live a more peaceful life.

After allowing myself to enjoy downtime, I like to connect with family and/or friends. My relationships are the most important thing in my life so I spend a lot of time with people I love. I also like to be adventurous, so when I’m planning to hang out with others I like to find something new and fun to do. If you allow yourself to get creative you can find ways to have fun and experience excitement without spending a lot of money. One little word of wisdom, don’t allow money to be a deterrent of you finding fun or adventure in your life. It’s easy to say you don’t have a lot of money to travel the world, therefore, you are not adventurous—that is not true. I’m positive that you can be adventurous in the location you live in, you just have to decide that your adventure will be closer to home and not traveling abroad.

Now it’s time to unwind and get ready for bed. I like to reflect by journaling the things that happened throughout my day so  I can learn from the experiences and identify ways I would like to improve or no longer experience moving into tomorrow. Having a nighttime routine allows me to sleep peacefully and helps me to be prepared for the next day. When I don’t practice my nighttime routine I don’t have a restful night’s sleep and it normally affects my wake-up time, so I wake up later. I enjoy appreciating all that has happened in my life, forgiving what I did not accomplish or anything I feel I could have done better, and I connect with my Heavenly Father God who has allowed me to live the life I am with a renewed heart. I finish my nighttime routine with prayer.

Final Thoughts…

I am honored for you to get to know me and experience what my daily life looks like. So now that you know what I do, please take a moment to identify what your day looks like. Are you excited to wake up? Do you enjoy the type of work/school/commitments you have allowed in your daily life? Are you loving more moments in your day or are you experiencing more moments of pain and wishing you were doing something different or were someone completely different? Please know that this life is not meant to be a burden, but a loving, overflowing experience of being present to live. If you aren’t living the life you love, it’s time to DECIDE what type of life you want to experience for the rest of your life.
With love always, Tasi

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