Sound like a bold claim? It is. This is not wishy-washy, woo-woo stuff. Coaching isn’t like that. Today we present you with a simple, yet powerful, coaching question that we teach our students and that we can’t wait to share with you.

The BIG Coaching Question… What Is It?

We’ve deliberately put it at the bottom of this post (don’t peek) so that we can first explain a little more about how to go about answering this question as mindfully, and with as much sacred intention and conscious awareness as possible. Because it all starts with intention. That may sound woo-woo to you but if you practice this, you’ll find it to be true.

But here’s the catch: It will only work if you make answer it from your heart not your head. And then take action. It may still work if you answer it, in your head, and do nothing else because that’s the power of setting intentions. But that’ll probably take a lot longer and is not guaranteed to create results, let alone lasting change.

So before you take a look at this question, which is just one of a long list of coaching questions we teach our students to ask their clients, we encourage you to do some mental and emotional preparation. You may even find that some physical, practical or even spiritual preparation will be most helpful here.

So, have a relaxing bath or go for a long walk to clear your head first so you’re in a calm emotional state before answering it. Or maybe a jog or push-ups is needed first. You might even want to get “woo-woo” after all and put some essential oil on your third eye (to connect you to your intuitive wisdom). Or do a journaling brain-dump to get all your swirling mind chatter out of your head and onto paper.

Remember, that although this is a short and simple question, most of the power is lost if you answer it in your head without writing your answers down. There is a lot to be said for putting pen to paper and purging your thoughts. So don’t try to answer it in a hurry while rushing around the house with one shoe on trying to get ready for work like a headless chicken. Or worst of all, don’t attempt to answer it absent-mindedly while cleaning out your cat’s litter.

Treat this simple action questions as sacred and, in time, you will reap the rewards of your intentionality because you may just find that, like magic wishes, what you asked for, has actually come true. Imagine that! Imagine that you have the power, right now, inside you, to change your life, in the best of ways, by first and foremost getting crystal clear on your…DESIRES.

Eek!!! If you gawked at the word “desires” because you think it sounds selfish and egotistical or greedy, and maybe even erotic, we encourage you right now, right this very second, to change this way of thinking. Because if you don’t, your life is not going to change. Certainly not in ways you (secretly) want it to even if you don’t, won’t or can’t admit to it now.

So go ahead and get off your computer or tablet or phone. Stop reading this and do whatever it is YOU need to do to prepare for this simple action question that will change your life. And come back to this page when you’re ready. Bye!

Heya! Welcome back. Are you ready now? Here goes…the simple coaching-action-question is:

What do you want LESS of in your life and what do you want MORE of in your life?

TIPS for answering this organic question: Break this question down into two parts.

Part 1: Make a list. No judgements. Just feel into what no longer serves you and write it down. Feel into what drains your energy, what sucks you dry, what hinders your spirit from flourishing. There is no right or wrong, just write it all down. Keep going until it’s all out of you and on the paper. Feel what it feels like in your system to let go of all the things in your life you don’t want anymore or never have wanted in the first place.

Part 2: Make a list, a long list, an uncensored, stream-of-consciousness list of everything you want more of. There are no limits to this. So let your imagination run wild and free. Don’t think too hard. Just roll with it. Whatever comes up, write it down. It could come in an image, in a color, in a sound, a sensation or it could come in words. Feel what it feels like in your system to embrace, welcome, call in all the things you have always wanted, or realize now you want in your life and keep an open heart and mind.

Now breathe. Shake your body. Drink some water. Put down your pen and paper. Go do something relaxing or fun and pat yourself on your back or give yourself a big hug because getting in touch with your true desires is a big deal!

When you feel ready—it can be in an hour, in a day or in a week, revisit what you wrote. Read it through from beginning to end and choose 3 things from each list that pop out at you. Whichever feel most alive. Then find someone in your life—a friend, parent, partner and ask them to support you to make these changes. AND hire a Health Coach. Even if you are a Health Coach yourself, hire a Health Coach. There is nothing like the support, stretch, and accountability that a Health Coach can offer you to ensure that these changes happen in a way that serves your best, and highest self.

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