Maybe this is how you feel when you think about leaving your 9 to 5 job and becoming a Health Coach… ?

Seriously though, one of the things we LOVE about Health Coaching as a career (and that our students tell us time and again that they deeply value) is the ability to be independent.

Health Coaches Love Their Career Independence!

We understand that “independence” is a super broad blanket term that means different things to different people depending on life experience, goals, and how you view yourself. It’s absolutely not a one-size-fits-all thing!

Ask one person to close their eyes and think of “independence” and she’ll see the Statue of Liberty. Ask another and she’ll think of Eat Pray Love. Ask yet another and she’ll imagine the half hour of quiet time after the kids are bed, the dishes are washed and she can finally have a minute to breathe by herself.

One of the reasons we wanna milk this topic today of the big “I” is because being independent can be a great thing. It can make you feel empowered, alive and free. Too much independence though, can backfire because going solo and braving life on your own is good up to a point.

But it’s also good to get support and stretch from your Tribe and loved ones. So we believe in you finding a balance between independence and being in-dependence of all those who’ve got your back so you can be the best coach you can be and help others to find their own independent streaks in whatever ways they want to!

What is the Definition of Independence?

The ability to care for one’s self OR The state of being free from the control or power of another
Synonyms: self-sufficiency; self-dependence; autonomy; freedom; power; liberty.

For some coaches, the idea of independence means being financially independent—from a spouse or debt or a soul-sucking career—making more money with more ease than ever before. For others it means physical independence—working from home or any worldwide location or just not being tied to an office. And for others still, independence means independence of spirit, of being drained by a soul-sucking career or a soul-crushing relationship. Whatever your idea of independence, Health Coaching is an amazing way to get you to achieve the type of independence your spirit is craving.

Here are some fun examples of different ideas of independence (yes, we’re celebrating our version of independence day) to get your creative juices flowing:

Maybe INDEPENDENCE to you means hitchhiking solo with nothing but a backpack in an ice desert!

Or maybe you’ll know you feel independent when you can add oil by yourself to your car’s engine.

Or you can’t wait to celebrate independence by moving out of your family home and into your first apartment with your dude with a bottle of champagne.

Perhaps, for you, independence means taking days where you work outside of the air-conditioned office and in the sunshine by the water!

Or for you, independence means ditching the office altogether and working from home in your kitchen in your jammies.

Or you’re a working mom and independence right now for you are those five minutes while baby naps to check your emails while you pick up toys.

Now it’s YOUR turn. What does independence look and feel like to you right now in your life? And what type of independence are you aiming to achieve both in your personal life and your professional coaching life? Describe it! We wanna hear from you in the comments below!

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