There are so many reasons people become Health Coaches. After all, this is a career that offers enormous potential to do fulfilling work, determine your own income, and enjoy a flexible schedule. But, even with so many amazing perks, the most popular reason people become Health Coaches is a sincere longing to help people.

It is this deep desire to help others that’s pushed the health coaching industry into new and exciting areas, like holistic Health Coaching. This specialty area takes Health Coaching a step further, to include the whole person. By looking beyond diet and exercise programs, holistic Health Coaches are able to help clients identify the history and habits that may be keeping them from meeting their goals. Once they’ve pinpointed these factors, they’re better able to help them find the tools, skills, and strategies they need to succeed.

Put simply, holistic Health Coaches look at a client’s whole picture so they can develop individualized skills and strategies to help clients reach their health and wellness goals.

Holistic Health Coaching Benefits

For most, just the opportunity to help people look and feel their best is reason enough to love being a health coach. But for holistic Health Coaches, the benefits of the job can be even greater.

Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to consider this exciting career path:

1. More ways to help clients succeed
By looking at the whole picture – including things like diet, exercise, lifestyle, stress levels, sleep habits, career, relationships, etc.—a holistic Health Coach has a greater chance of finding the factors that may be preventing a client from reaching their goals.

For instance, a nutritionist or dietician may not ask about a client’s job stress.

However, if late hours are preventing that client from working out, or causing them to snack at work and eat dinner late at night, a holistic Health Coach may ask the client to consider things like a morning workout, packing dinner to eat at work, or even a job change. They would then follow up regularly with the client to make sure progress is being made. By getting to the heart of why a client is struggling, a holistic Health Coach is often able to help those who have failed to meet their health and wellness goals in the past.

2. More variety in your work
Becoming a Holistic Health Coach pushes you to discover new areas of expertise that go far beyond traditional nutrition and exercise.

For instance, as a holistic Health Coach you may gain knowledge in areas such as massage therapy and acupuncture, strategies for better sleep, stress-relieving activities like meditation and yoga, and career counseling.

3. More time (and billable hours) with clients
As a holistic Health Coach, you’re tasked with getting to know the whole person. This means you’ll be spending significantly more time talking to clients and asking questions than a traditional nutritionist would.

These additional hours not only increase billing rates, it can also help create a stronger bond between you and your clients, which, in turn, may lead to more referrals.

4. High job satisfaction
Holistic Health Coaches are often extremely passionate about what they do, and their willingness to look at the bigger picture often makes them especially effective. And, seeing clients meet health and wellness goals like losing weight, improving blood pressure or cholesterol, or even getting off of a prescription medication is a great reason to keep working hard!

Holistic Health Coaching Salaries

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a holistic Health Coach in the US is $48,422/year. However, it’s important to remember that this number is just an average, and how much you make is really up to you! If you’re a self-employed holistic Health Coach, what you charge and how many hours you work are up to you, giving you the potential to earn significantly more than the average, if you choose.

On the other hand, if you have the financial freedom to work part-time, you can do that too. You can even keep another full-time job while you transition into holistic Health Coaching. The flexibility and financial freedom this career offers is a major draw for many holistic Health Coaches.

Holistic Health Coach Job Opportunities

As a holistic Health Coach, you have a wide range of potential job opportunities available to you. In addition to opening your own practice, you may choose to work for a:

  • Health care center
  • Wellness center or spa
  • Fitness facility
  • Corporation
  • Educational institution

Going online opens the door to many other opportunities as well. Maybe you’ll put your skills to use as a health and wellness writer, blogger, or YouTube expert. Or, perhaps you’ll use social media to connect with clients or create coaching groups. The fact is, whatever route you choose, having an online presence will likely be helpful in promoting yourself to potential employers and clients.

Holistic Health Coach Job Training/Certification

As the field of holistic Health Coaching continues to grow, so too do the number of training programs available to you. So, do your research. You’ll find everything from traditional classroom-based university programs to a variety of quality online programs[link to HCI] to choose from. Some things to consider when evaluating your options include:

  • What is the curriculum like? Does it include the practical and hands-on training you’ll need to succeed?
  • Is the program flexible enough for your lifestyle?
  • What is the cost?
  • Does the program offer any kind of support for graduates [link to HCI Live info]?
  • Does the program’s philosophy on learning align with your own?

Why You’ll Love Being a Holistic Health Coach

Holistic Health Coaching is one of today’s fastest growing and most exciting career options. Not only does it provide great earning potential and a level of flexibility not found in most other jobs, it gives health and wellness fanatics the chance to do what they love most – help people become the best they can be.

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