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About Nutritious Life Studio

Nutritious Life Studio provides cutting-edge online nutrition and wellness courses—including the signature Become a Nutrition Coach program—and supports a thriving community of wellness professionals in building and growing their healthy businesses. It’s everything you need to change your life and the lives of others. We set ourselves apart from other programs with:
  • Unparalleled curriculum including the science of nutrition, how to work with clients and change lives, and how to build the wellness business of your dreams.
  • One-of-a-kind leadership from world-renowned dietitian, Keri Glassman and her team of industry-specific experts.
  • Flexible study options and a go-at-your-own-pace schedule to ensure your online learning experience is easy, engaging, convenient, and fun!
  • Expert mentorship from Keri and the entire NLS team to reach your personal and professional wellness goals.
  • A supportive, global community of thousands of students who will help you along every step of your journey.

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