Launching a career as a Health Coach is an exciting time, and has the potential to completely transform your life AND the lives of your clients. But there’s one very important step you should take before getting started and that’s to create a strong online presence for your business and services.

When people are trying to find a Health Coach to help them tackle health goals and challenges, they’re likely to look online first to research and compare Health Coaches. So launching a powerful and inviting Health Coaching website is one of the best places to start once you’ve completed your training and you’re ready to get down to business.

For this post, we’re focusing exclusively on websites, but you can find more great information about how to build a successful online coaching business in our How to Become an Online Health Coach post!

Best Practices for Your Health Coaching Websites

If you want your Health Coaching website to effectively showcase your services and turn potential clients into actual clients, it should be both dynamic and informative.

Here’s a list of all the things a great Health Coach website will feature:
  • Helpful information about the health and wellness programs you offer, your experience and personal story, and, above all, what sets you apart from other coaches.
  • A blog that offers engaging content and resources for current and prospective clients alike.
  • Your personality! Don’t be afraid to share pictures and stories about everything that makes you YOU! This is your chance to connect with people on a personal level and let them see your passion.
  • Strong Calls to Action (or CTAs, as they’re referred to in marketing speak!). You want to make sure that anyone who visits your site knows right away what to do next, whether that’s booking a consultation, downloading free content, or emailing for more information. Be sure to include buttons and links on every page (and even more than once on each page) asking your visitors to take a desired action.
  • Great design. A good website design is clean, visually appealing, and is easy to navigate. Use complementary colors that align with your brand…but don’t make the visuals too overwhelming. You want to be sure your content shines through!
  • Chances to connect. Along with clear CTAs, you’ll want to make sure your website lets visitors know how to reach you via email, phone, and your social channels.
  • Free content. Free content is a great way to capture email addresses for your list, as well as an excellent opportunity to showcase your expertise. Free content can take the form of an e-book, infographics, downloads, podcasts, videos, etc.

Featured Health Coaching Websites

At Health Coach Institute, we’re proud of all of our grads! They’ve all graduated and gone on to do amazing things in their careers. Their success comes, in part, from leveraging strong, impactful websites to market their unique and transformative services.

To help illustrate the point, we’ve chosen 20 inspiring websites created by HCI grads, and highlighted what makes their websites noteworthy.

#1:Marielle Alix

Marielle alix

Marielle practices with both French and English-speaking clients, and her site is reader-friendly no matter who is visiting. Her page also boasts a light and airy design, an active blog and highly visible CTAs. Marielle’s site prominently showcases the various media outlets where her work has been featured, which is a great way to show potential clients and colleagues she’s a trusted expert in her field.

#2. Vona Johnson

vona johnson

Vona’s personality shines through as soon as you visit her page. Her copy makes it clear she’s a faith-based coach and that it’s a large part of her life. She also includes a CTA immediately at the top of the site, as well as social icons to the left to connect with her on other platforms. Some other great features of Vona’s site include:

  • A link to her podcast from her website’s main navigation which is a great way to share additional information about her services.
  • An active blog with topics on spirituality, connection and life’s lessons.
  • A Health Coach Institute certification seal on her “About” page which shows prospective clients she’s well-trained and trustworthy.

#3. Aurelie Parant

aurelia parant

Aurelie’s coaching site has a great design and personal, effective CTAs. Her homepage showcases client testimonials and free content, she clearly outlines the plans she has available for clients on her “Work With Me” page, and her bio is personal and compelling.

#4. Lisa Taitelman

lisa taitelman

Lisa’s site is really well designed and unique to her personality. She makes great use of client testimonials and her CTAs make you want to click. Her personality shines through and it’s clear she has a great love of the outdoors, which will appeal to many prospective clients. Lisa employs a number of other great strategies on her site, including:

  • An “Essentials” page, where Lisa shares products she loves, like cookbooks, shoes, and her very own branded swag.
  • A “Press” page to share where she’s been featured online.
  • An active blog with tons of yummy (and healthy) recipes.

#5. Sarah Byrne

sarah byrne

Sarah’s website and coaching programs focus on understanding your body and menstrual cycle. It features calming earth tones and imagery, personal copy, and clear sections laying out all of her offerings. The website also includes a blog with topics ranging from book recommendations to Sarah’s personal stories and insights. 

#6. Stacy Raske

stacy raske

Stacy’s website shouts her personality out loud and it’s wonderful. From the picture of her on her motorcycle to her super compelling bio, Stacy’s site is incredibly personal, while being fun and informative. Some other things Stacy’s site does well:

  • It highlights her podcast and provides a download link.
  • It includes lots of CTAs to incite action from visitors.
  • It features strong, compelling client testimonials.

#7. Ashley Capurro

ashley capurro

As soon as you arrive at Ashley’s website, you’re hit with a large, high-quality banner image of Ashley herself. She’s exuding radiance and confidence, which fits perfectly with her overall coaching focus. Her message–which is emphasized throughout her copy–is all about empowering women to believe in themselves, and her offerings are made clear on the homepage with photos and fun calls-to-action. 

#8. Emily Golin

emily golin

Emily Gowen, the founder of Embody Health & Mental Wellness Coaching, entices website visitors with a bright, clean design. The homepage is text heavy but not cluttered, and lets potential clients know exactly who Emily is and what they can expect from her program. She also features client testimonials and photos on the front page, which helps to instill confidence in her services. Other things we like about Emily’s website include:

  • Access to free resources and a masterclass.
  • A link to her podcast on Spotify.
  • An active blog that focuses on self-image, vulnerability and mental health.

#9. Lawrence Laryea

lawrence laryea

Lawrence Laryea, otherwise known as Larry’s Coaching, has a warm and welcoming website. He greets you like a friend, and makes his 90-day offering very clear throughout the copy. Larry utilizes graphics and typography to break down his coaching technique, with a nice mixture of text boxes and CTAs to keep the eye engaged. 

#10. Allison Castle

allison castle

Allison’s website focuses on her coaching and meditation business, which is evident in the calming colors and streamlined fonts of her design. She uses quotes and mantras throughout the homepage that fit with her overall message, and also features a collage of testimonials toward the bottom of the site. Other things Allison does that we like: 

  • Provides a free download offer as soon as you arrive at the site.
  • Includes her accreditations on the homepage.
  • Has a full page of testimonials from a wide range of clients.

#11. Petronela Harrell

petronela harrell

Holistic Habits with Petra is a stripped-down website, with large text and images that grab the reader’s attention and an overall clean aesthetic. The photos are very nature-centric, which coincides nicely with her message of full-body wellness. The “About” page is super thorough, and breaks out in three steps exactly how Petra plans to help you elevate your life—this is a nice feature for anybody unsure of what the coaching will entail. 

#12. Stacy Peasall

stacy peasall

As soon as you arrive at Stacy Peasall’s website, you’re greeted with playful colors, imagery and fonts. She clearly conveys her area of focus through her passionate writing, and includes a powerful and personal note to potential clients. Her menu is uncluttered and clearly illustrates what she’s offering, and she provides readers with bullet points of the type of people her programs will help. Some additional website features include:

  • The ability to schedule a virtual appointment on the homepage.
  • A photo of Stacy with her family, which helps create a sense of relatability and trust.
  • A link to a free Relationship Restoration Roadmap call.

#13. Alyssa Poggioli

alyssa poggioli

Alyssa’s website is simple yet powerful, with an inspirational quote acting as the main header when you arrive at the homepage. In addition to the use of high-quality images, she also has a video embedded in the “About” section to help personalize her introduction. Alyssa provides some added value in the form of her blog, which includes “how-to” articles on boundary-setting, cultivating authenticity and connecting to your true self.

#14. Jodi Masa

jodi masa

Jodi Masa’s website immediately grabs you with an extra large image of the coach alongside her business mantra, which lets the visitor know exactly who she is and what she’s about. Unlike many coaching websites which feature long, scrolling pages, Jodi’s homepage is short and sweet. She includes a paragraph about what she does as a coach, another explaining how she will help refine your life, and her page menu and social buttons are clearly displayed. Other things Jodi does that we like: 

  • Has a large button at the top of the page highlighting her Clarity Calls.
  • Uses non-traditional colors and fonts to help create a sense of personality.
  • Includes her health coach certification buttons to instill a sense of trust in clients.

#15. Lisa Callahan

lisa callahan

Lisa Callahan, founder of the Transformation for Real website, makes great use of themes and imagery on her page. It begins with her logo, which has drawings of plants growing out of it, and a video banner at the top of her page of a butterfly flapping its wings. She also includes a video introduction of herself, a bright beautiful background of flower illustrations, and all of her package offerings clearly laid out for the reader. Everything on the website speaks to who she is as a coach, and fits in with her theme of growth and transformation.

#16. Kristine Hedrick

kristine hedrick

Live Well With Kristine is a super popular coaching website, and upon first glance you can see why. Her most current offering is displayed prominently in the top banner of the website, with a bright and colorful picture of citrus behind it. The bright and fresh theme continues throughout the site, with orange and red fonts and photos of fruit accompanying the text. The main page is a blend of “About” info, client testimonials, and a step-by-step guide on how to set up your first free health strategy session. It all looks and feels very polished and professional, yet personal. Some additional website features include:

  • A merch section that includes T-shirts with motivational quotes specific to her brand.
  • Infographics that can be saved to your Pinterest board.
  • An active blog filled with healthy recipes.

#17. Mark Chetwynd

mark chetwynd

Through the use of dark accent colors and grayscale photography, Mark Chetwynd is giving off a casual but confident vibe on his website, Coach Mark Health. He clearly explains in well-written copy who he is and what led to his career, while incorporating lots of high-energy CTAs. The four pillars of his business are laid out in black and white (literally) on the homepage, and he provides a ton of freebies: a 45-minute coaching call, weekly newsletter and free recipe ebook. 

#18. Megan Wilcox

megan wilcox

Megan Wilcox’s Bold Habit Quest is another great example of incorporating your teaching theme throughout your entire website. The top of her page states exactly the type of coach she is—a wellness coach for gamers—and the information on her page is designed almost like a guide for a video game. There are “chapters” set up like a quest that explain the steps involved in the program, she uses terms associated with gaming like “level up” and “free loot,” and there are fun and playful images, colors and shapes utilized throughout. Some other things we liked on Megan’s website:

  • She has a free “Toolkit” tab with book recommendations and YouTube links.
  • She includes an FAQ section.
  • She’s created a Discord channel where clients can chat together as a community.

#19. Andrea Thomas

andrea thomas

Instead of going with an image or banner text on the top of her homepage, Andrea Thomas provides readers with a love letter from her to potential future clients. In the letter, she explains in clear bullet points which problems her coaching can help, and her overall beliefs and attitude toward coaching. She also shares a personal story about her own health journey. Her site is text-heavy, but with large, readable fonts and a white background.

#20. Marina Kitrell

marina kitrell

Marina Kitrell, founder of Create Natural Balance LLC, veers away from standard earth tones on her website, instead utilizing colors like yellow and purple to get the point across. The site menu is easily accessible to readers, or you can scroll down the homepage to read up on all of her programs. Some other things we like about Marina’s page:

  • She clearly explains what her health coaching focus is using both text and icons.
  • She highlights the behind-the-scenes team that works on her business.
  • Lots of client testimonials.

Make Your Coaching Website Stand Out 

We hope these website examples have inspired you to create your own fun, stylish and unique-to-you website. One of the perks of training with Health Coach Institute is that as a student, you can take advantage of our CoachLeads product, a customizable website platform designed specifically with Health Coaches in mind. Through CoachLeads, we work with our coaches to create stunning, professional websites that showcase their services and help them stand out from the competition.

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