A Five-Step Formula to Coach with Confidence!

You can work on being more confident and learn how to coach with confidence. Did you know that? The majority of people aren’t born with confidence, but the good news is you can build your confidence muscle.

Building your confidence as a Health, Life, or Wellness coach definitely takes time. When you first start coaching, your mind floods with things that can stop you from doing the work you are born to do.

Some common phrases that may creep into your mind might be:

  • “Am I a good enough Health Coach?”
  • “I don’t have enough clients so I must be doing something wrong.”
  • “I need to coach for free since I am a new coach and still figuring it out.”
  • “I will have have confidence when I have X number of paying clients.”

Every coach at some point in their journey has had these thoughts. It’s completely normal…and okay. Growing and building your confidence as a coach is a crucial part of the journey and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Want to build your confidence as a coach and cut the negative self-talk so you can become the coach you are truly meant to be?
Here’s our five-step formula on how to coach with confidence:

1.) Visualize The Coach You Desire To Be

Create the clear vision of who and where you want to be in 6 months. One of the visualization tools in the Become a Health Coach course (the Mental Rehearsal technique) will help you do just that. Using visualization often—we recommend practicing daily, will reinforce the goals you want to reach and build the confidence you desire.

Take five minutes a day to close your eyes and imagine yourself a year from now. What does your life as a coach look like? How many clients do you have? See a specific number written down and imagine yourself working with amazing clients.

How do you present yourself? How do you feel? Seeing what you look like, and visualizing the positive feelings you will have as a confident coach will help reprogram your brain to that state of mind. You will be there sooner than you know it!

2.) Positive Affirmations

Here’s a pro tip – YOU have to be your biggest cheerleader! It’s not always easy though, which is why using daily affirmations will help remind yourself of your strengths, passions, and drive helping you become the most confident coach.

Here are a couple affirmations to get you started:

  • Everyday is a learning experience and I look at it as an opportunity to grow.
  • I deserve to be happy and successful.
  • I am confident, smart and capable. Look at everything I have already achieved.
  • I believe in my skills and abilities. I will always find a way to figure it out.

3.) Listen To Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition is what brought you here. You’re passionate about health, wellness, and coaching, and there’s no bigger confidence boost than pursuing and doing what you love! If you are feeling less than confident, check in with yourself – what is your heart telling you to do? Take some time to write about it and freely get out what’s on your mind.

4.) Embrace Your Imperfections

Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing being wrong.
– Peter T. Mcintyre

Here’s a secret…nobody’s perfect! If you allow it, imperfection and failure can be a strong tool to building your confidence. Embrace your imperfections and do what’s right for you. This will help boost your confidence. Also, recognize when you’re getting caught in the comparison game. Keep your eyes on your own paper, and stay on your path. Comparing yourself to other coaches, will only hinder your greatness.
Take your mistakes (and the mistakes of others) and turn them into learning experiences. Your strength, knowledge and confidence will only grow.

5.) Set Yourself Up For Success

If you’re already a Health or Life Coach, setting yourself up for success might be continuing your education so you can stay on top of your game. Finding a mentor, getting clarity on your goals, and staying motivated by joining entrepreneur groups or public speaking workshops, can all help set you up for success and make you a more confident coach.

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