Top 5 Life Coach Training Questions

If you’ve been exploring a career as a Life Coach and you’re wondering if you should invest in a Life Coach training, here are the answers to five questions that are likely on your mind.
Question 1:

What education do you need to be a Life Coach?

Strictly speaking, you don’t need an education of any kind to become a Life Coach. You can be a Life Coach without any schooling, training, or certification whatsoever. The coaching industry isn’t currently regulated, so there are many people who’ve dubbed themselves coaches without any actual credentials to back their titles. 


If you want to truly help people create desired change for good, while also legitimizing yourself as a professional Life Coach, we highly recommend enrolling in a Life Coach training

There are many Life Coach training options out there, but the best ones offer a combination of lesson-based instruction, 1-on-1 practice coaching, and mentorship so that you’ll graduate with all the necessary skills (and confidence!) to help clients get results and make a good living while you’re at it.

A good Life Coach training program will cover how to help clients create sustainable change for themselves across three domains of well-being: physical, emotional, and cognitive. It will also include health, nutrition, and personal growth course work, as well as business and marketing fundamentals. 

Question 2:

What is the average salary of a Life Coach?

Before you decide to pursue a new career path, you’ll likely want to know what a typical Life Coach salary looks like. Life Coaching salaries can vary widely by source, but the global average annual salary cited by the International Coach Federation is $51,000.

That figure can increase considerably if a Life Coach chooses to offer other services and products outside of traditional 1-on-1 coaching, such as:

  • Group coaching
  • Corporate coaching
  • Motivational speaking
  • Leading seminars or workshops
  • Publishing books
  • Selling products 
  • Training coaches
  • Blogging or writing featured articles
  • Offering coaching packages
  • Selling online courses

The beauty of a Life Coaching career is that your income isn’t fixed and if you choose to go into business for yourself, you determine your fees and what types of products and services you want to offer your clients.

The most well-paid coaches can earn six figures and up using this customized, a la carte approach to business.

On average, Life Coaches charge between $100-500 per client session, typically working with six clients at a time over a 12-week period. Oftentimes, when that initial 12-week period is over and clients have gotten a taste for the results they can achieve through coaching, they elect to continue the working relationship long-term.

Question 3:

How do Life Coaches get clients?

There are many, many ways Life Coaches can find clients, the first of which is through good, old-fashioned word of mouth. You’d be surprised by how many people you already know who would love the expertise and insight a Life Coach can offer!

Life Coaches can also find clients through:

  • Speaking engagements
  • Digital marketing 
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid advertising
  • Networking events
  • Partnership with local gyms, yoga studios, wellness centers, etc.

…and lots and lots more. 

Putting yourself out there and letting people know what you do, whether you’re at a party, talking to a cashier, or on Instagram, are all avenues you can take to find clients. 

Check out this helpful blog post for some more ideas on how to market yourself as a Life Coach online. 

Question 4:

How long does it take to become a Life Coach?

If you go the Life Coach training route, it really depends on the program you select and what it covers. There are workshops that can be completed in a single weekend and programs that can take several years. At Health Coach Institute, we offer a dual Health and Life Coach training that is 100% online and can be completed in just six months.

Ultimately, the time it takes to become a Life Coach depends on the type of coach you want to be. If you want to be well-equipped to help your clients get lasting results and launch a successful career, you have to do the work. Unfortunately, that probably means that weekend workshop you may be considering won’t deliver what you’re really looking for. Check out this page for more on top qualities to look for in a Life Coach training.

At Health Coach Institute, we also believe that in order to become a Life Coach who can help clients create transformation for themselves, you must first be a student of the work yourself. 
You must practice your skills with real people. You must learn through repetition. You must study under mentors who’ve created successful coaching practices themselves. And you must never stop learning.

It’s our philosophy that coaches always have more to learn, and that it’s critical to invest in your growth, so you’re always evolving and staying current with the latest trends. That’s why we also offer graduate-level coach training.

Question 5:

Do you need a license to be a Life Coach?

Short answer: not currently. 

However, there have been ongoing conversations on the matter for precisely the reason we mentioned above: anyone can claim to be a Life Coach, regardless of whether they’ve had any type of formal Life Coach training.

We believe the more important question to ask is whether or not you should be required to take some form of professional training or certification before you can coach clients. (By the way, our answer to that is a resounding YES!)

A professional Life Coach training program will provide comprehensive instruction on how to help others improve their lives on a holistic level in the areas of physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being. 

You’ll learn the underlying intricacies behind why clients often fail to follow through to achieve a desired goal. You’ll learn why clients get “stuck” and how to help them change the patterns that have been holding them back.. You’ll learn the key ingredients to help clients create lasting transformation for themselves and you’ll also experience several of your own “aha” moments along the way—because, as we mentioned, you’ll be your own first client!

More Life Coaching questions answered

Still have questions? Check out our Top 10 Life Coaching Questions Answered blog post or schedule a 15-minute call with one of our Clarity Coaches to find out if our training program is right for you!

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