“You can do it all, but you can’t do it all alone.”

The above sentence is one of our core HCI paradigms. What it means is that every one of us is perfectly capable of pursuing our dreams and achieving our goals but that without the support of a trusted group of people that holds us accountable and supports and stretches us to become the greatest version of ourselves, it’s all the more difficult and takes a whole lot longer.

There is simply no better place to experience this accountability and support than at HCI Live. And for those of you who attended HCI Live this past weekend in San Diego,  you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Didn’t you leave feeling exhilarated, with a sense that your career path was accelerated and a feeling that you could now exhale knowing you are embraced by a community—your community—that many of you know we like to call Tribe with a capital “T”.

Your Tribe is a group of people who lift you up, who raise your spirits, who believe in you, who mirror your absolute highest potential, who inspire you to become—and continue becoming—the greatest version of yourself so that you can do your work in the world, of making your true gifts come alive, and helping others to become their greatest selves too.

At Health Coach Institute, yeah we sell coaching programs but a program has a beginning and an end; and once it comes to completion the only thing that outlasts the training is the relationships you grow and cultivate with your like-minded community aka Tribe. It’s these real-people connections that’ll sustain you, nurture you and stretch you to become the absolute greatest version of who you aspire to be in this world.

That’s why we often say, “Get off your computer and get with your community!” It’s your community, your Tribe, that’ll catch you when you fall and celebrate you when you succeed.

Think of your Tribe as your chosen family. Unfortunately, there is often so much wounding in our families of origin and we often find ourselves stuck in dysfunctional roles that we acquired in childhood that last a lifetime in our birth families.

That’s why creating new Tribe is so important. It’s an opportunity to let go of your childhood role that you played in your family: savior, saint, rebel, loser, misfit etc and to embrace a new, empowered version of yourself: generator, developer, creator, uplifter.

Because everyone at HCI speaks the same ‘language’ of personal growth and empowerment, you will not be disappointed because you will ultimately feel truly seen and heard. And if conflict or misunderstanding arises you will all have the same tools to deal with it, move through it and past it.

The world is a big place; let it be a little smaller through connecting with your Tribe.

Dual Health and Life Coach Certification in 6 Months with HCI

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