On this week’s episode of Real Talk, Health Coach Institute co-founder Stacey Morgenstern shared a story about how one woman’s brave, honest, and direct confession changed the relationships between her and the other women in her Mistress Circle (her mastermind group). By shedding her fear and bringing herself fully—unfiltered, and untamed—to the group, she was able to bring this circle of drifting women closer than ever before.

It wasn’t an easy conversation to have, for the woman who was speaking her unvarnished truth, or for the other women who had to hear some difficult truths about themselves.

This experience got Stacey thinking about what happens to our relationships when we’re not truthful with each other.

In the latest episode of Real Talk, Stacey shares, “The energy it takes to pretend or avoid or contort is exhausting and eventually leads to resentment. It creates stress and tension. When we feel resentful, we start to turn away. When we start to turn away from the people we care about, trust erodes.”

Stacey realized that a lot of our fears about being honest stem from fear of what others might think about what you have to say. So we fall back into what we’re comfortable with—not telling the whole truth. Also known as (you guessed it!) HABIT!

In this video, Stacey wonders what would happen in the world if we all cleaned up our “communication hygiene” a little bit.

We highly encourage you to watch Stacey’s illuminating full video (just click the link below!) and pause for a moment and allow yourself to open yourself up to the possibility of being your truest self.

Just imagine what kind of world we’d create if we all were honest and direct with one another. How would your interactions with people change? How would it make you feel to be your most honest self? Who are you betraying if you never face your habit of not facing the truth?

Comment your honest vision below, and let’s get a real conversation started!

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