Stepping into your spotlight does not have to mean strolling down the red carpet in glitter gold stiletto heels, holding your wedding-gown-like designer dress in one hand, while waving off the paparazzi with the other.

Well, that’s one way of looking at it.

But we’re talking here about the stripped down, unadorned and more natural version of stepping into your spotlight. This version has nothing to do with what you look like on the outside or how long the red carpet is beneath your feet.

That’s what this post is about: focusing on your internal world, on what really matters, on all that makes you feel great about who you are and not on all the glitz and glam on the outside.

So this kind of stepping into your spotlight is absolutely not an ego trip. Let’s brush that thought right under the red carpet, shall we?
No amount of make-up or dress up can give you the true confidence that you need in order to shine your light, from the inside, which is essentially what stepping into your spotlight is really all about.

Stepping into your spotlight means making the decision—yes, it starts with a decision—to be confident, to get in touch with your heart’s desires and cherish your unique value.

None of us are born with the confidence to take on the world. Confidence is built and cultivated over time. It’s something that is harvested. And it needs tending to, especially at the beginning while it’s still budding.

And saying yes to your heart’s true desires is about getting in touch with what is true for you—not what’s true for your mother, father, sister, brother, friend—which sometimes comes at the cost of letting those you love, down.

Stepping into your spotlight is about learning to recognize your value. This is hard. Especially because of our childhood wounding and our often messed-up conditioning that many of us spend our lives trying to undo in order to survive in a sane way.

Then comes the really hard work of recognizing, and truly embodying, our unique value; the gifts we were born to birth.

Whoa. That’s a lot deeper than stepping into bright lights on a red carpet with red lipstick!

For you to step into your spotlight—and become the most empowered version of yourself—it may mean facing some hard truths and some dark demons but it’ll also be the most enriching, soul-nourishing work of your entire life.

Why? Because it means letting go of playing small. Letting go of feeling you deserve only one piece of the pie, if any at all. Letting go of not recognizing that it’s your birthright to birth your dream.

Every single person on this earth has a dream about who they want to be in this world and what they want to contribute. Most of those dreams get left behind in our childhood games.

But guess what? Every big dream was once a small idea that someone believed in enough to help it grow. So make the decision, today, to step into your spotlight and watch as the magic in your life explodes.

In the comments below, tell us, what’s your big dream? How will you know when you’ve stepped into your spotlight? What will that look like for you? What will being in your spotlight feel like?

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