On last week’s episode of Real Talk, HCI co-founder Stacey Morgenstern opened up about her personal experience with anxiety and how she learned to embrace her anxiety through a mini-coaching session.
At its core, anxiety is a feeling of loss of trust within yourself and the universe, and a belief that  those feelings are an inevitable state of being. This feeling ends up overflowing to create a palpable sense of fear, stress, and misery. In other words: anxiety.
Stacey wanted to find out why her anxiety made that loss of trust feel so real, when she intrinsically knew that it wasn’t. After a bizarre nightmare one night where an approaching grizzly bear triggered her anxiety, Stacey called her coach (yes, even Stacey has a coach!) to dig deeper into what she felt. Her coach offered up this food for thought,”What if anxiety was not the enemy? What if anxiety was a messenger sent by some part of you that was longing to be met?”
Looking at it through that lens, Stacey was able to disassociate herself from her anxiety (a coaching technique) and realized that the grizzly bear wasn’t approaching to attack…it was actually approaching out of concern to let Stacey know that something was knocking at the door of her heart and needed attention.
Disassociating from her anxiety helped Stacey see that the bear was her body’s way of telling her to stop putting off what she needed to do to take care of herself. When Stacey listened, and took the time to reflect on herself, she was able to accept anxiety as a friend, realign herself, and reawaken her aliveness within.
In the video below, Stacy shares the exact coaching sequence she went through in order to make peace with her bear and learn to dance with anxiety. It’s a must-watch!