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What Makes a Holistic Health Coach?

What Makes a Holistic Health Coach?

At Health Coach Institute, we firmly believe that the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. This is particularly true of health and wellness. Every area of your life—mental, emotional, and physical—are all connected and when one of those areas is out of balance, everything is.

That’s why we think coaches of all kinds should be prepared to help their clients in all aspects of their lives. Truly powerful and impactful coaching addresses health and wellness across the board. It’s about much more than just diet or business or exercise.

And holistic Health Coaches do just that!

Holistic Health Coaches are professionals who have training and experience in using an integrative approach. They help clients improve their lifestyle by working on nutrition, spirituality, physical fitness, personal relationships, professional goals, and more. They act as a guide for their clients, helping them build skills that will lead them toward a healthier life overall.

Keep reading to learn more about what holistic Health Coaches do and what a career in holistic coaching might look like!

What a Holistic Health Coach Can Do

Holistic Health Coaches look at the whole picture of a person to help them with issues beyond just health and nutrition. Holistic Health Coaches can help clients with:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Time Management
  • Anxiety
  • Implementing Healthy Habits
  • Sleep
  • Disease Management
  • Relationships
  • Career

…and so much more!

Holistic Health Coaches serve as a partner in their clients’ health journey. They don’t diagnose clients with specific conditions like doctors do or focus strictly on nutrition and food like a dietitian. Instead, they create a partnership where they serve as a guide. They provide personalized plans tailored specifically to the client’s needs, experiences, and unique situation.

Holistic Health Coaches meet with clients to discover what issues are most important to them and determine what types of changes they would like to achieve. They will then implement a plan that includes:

  • Education about how to implement healthy habits, routines, and diet and exercise.
  • Being a cheerleader for their clients.
  • Empowering their clients to make positive transformation.
  • Providing education, resources, and tools about various issues.
  • Creating a safe, healthy environment for their clients to share their feelings and progress.
  • Providing referrals to medical professionals when necessary.

As you can see, holistic Health Coaches provide a robust service to their clients! But one of the most important things holistic Health Coaches do is listen. Not only do they hear what the client tells them, but they’re also tasked with reading between the lines, to determine what the client might not be able to see clearly for themselves. They then help identify small integrative steps clients can begin to implement and help them evaluate their progress and make changes accordingly.

The bottom line is that holistic Health Coaches act as a wellness mentor and support system to the client who is looking to feel their best and is ready and willing to make changes to their diet and overall lifestyle.

Where Can I Work As A Holistic Health Coach?

One of the best things about becoming a holistic Health Coach is the wide variety of opportunities available to build the perfect career to fit your life.

Holistic Health Coaches work with clients in a number of different ways. Some holistic Health Coaches want to start their own business, working with clients directly in a specific niche or on a broader scale. Holistic Health Coaches who work directly with clients can meet one-on-one either in person or via video calls, phone, and email. They can also work with groups or provide education and information to large audiences. Coaches to start their own business are also responsible for administrative duties, finding new clients, and marketing their business.

Some coaches go on to obtain employment with an existing business. This might include working in a corporate setting where they’re in charge of implementing a wellness plan for a company. They might work within a different type of wellness office such as a chiropractor or naturopath. Others still become writers or public speakers, sharing their knowledge, tips, and resources with the broader public.

Why Should You Become A Holistic Health Coach?

Everyone who becomes a holistic Health Coach will have different reasons for choosing that path. Maybe they’ve always had a passion for health and wellness. Maybe their lives or the life of someone they loved benefitted from working with a coach. Whatever the reasons, one common thing drives coaches to choosing this impactful career: a desire to make a difference. The great news is that holistic Health Coaches have ample opportunity to do just that.

Health Coaching is emerging as a very rapidly growing field. According to a report from Research and Markets, “Health coaching has emerged as a $6 billion service market, with a strong growth outlook.” Even better, coaches make a real impact. The National Center for Biotechnology Information found that Health Coaching helps patients manage chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and more. It even projects that patients will save money on healthcare costs in the long term.

If you’re still not totally sure that Health Coaching is the right path for you, you may want to ask yourself some important questions.

  • Are you passionate about helping people transform their lives and improve their health?
  • Are you committed to your own health and wellness journey? (Note that this is NOT about being perfect or perfectly healthy—after all, no one is! This is about striving to be your healthiest self.)
  • Are you committed to learning about the most recent information about health and wellness?
  • Do you thrive when you’re doing work you’re passionate about while inspiring others?
  • If you answered yes to these questions, holistic Health Coaching could be perfect for you!

At Health Coach Institute, we believe strongly in the power of coaching and as you can see, the rest of the world agrees! Holistic Health Coaches will have a significant impact on their clients, on healthcare, and on the world and now is the perfect time for you to get started.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a holistic Health Coach and discovering how Health Coach Institute can help you achieve your dreams, connect with one of our Clarity Coaches today!

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