Last Thursday, we were honored to have had Marketing Master Coach and founder of the Big Shift Business, Bill Baren, join Stacey Morgenstern on Real Talk to talk about a very important topic: how to stop playing small.
Before Bill began his career as a coach, he worked as a music producer. On Real Talk, he shared why making the shift from music to coaching wasn’t a hard one. “A lot of people have a block around reinventing themselves. But you stop defending and stop pretending, and start being unapologetic about what you want. Every moment is a possibility of reinvention,” he says.
Bill goes on to explain how openness to yourself and your wants connects deeply with how effectively you are able to market your services as a coach. To find out more about the intersection between honesty and marketing your life coaching business, be sure to check out the full interview below.
Tell us: if you didn’t have to worry about anyone else, what would YOU go after unapologetically?