Congratulations! You’ve chosen an amazing career, and you have so much to look forward to as a Life Coach! Not only do you get to do some of the most meaningful and gratifying work in the world helping others lives their best lives, you also have the opportunity to earn a generous income doing so. Plus, you have a number of options to maximize your earning potential, should you choose to look beyond the standard coach-client relationship.

What’s the Average Life Coach Salary?

As a Life Coach, you can make a comfortable living while helping others transform their lives. In fact, a 2016 study from the International Coach Federation (ICF) reported that Personal Coaches in North America earn an average annual salary of about $61,900. Of course, that figure can and will vary, depending on your client base, your workload, your location, and your experience as a Life Coach.

How to Maximize Your Life Coach Salary

Are you interested in earning above and beyond the average salary and reaching more people with your message? You can use your Life Coach knowledge and expertise, and apply it to other exciting opportunities beyond traditional coaching sessions. Here are just a few ways you can maximize your Life Coach salary:

  1. Offer coaching packages. Don’t just offer a single coaching session. Give your clients some options! That might include packages of sessions, or a series of sessions bundled together with another type of service. Offer arrangements that work with your clients’ varied needs, while also providing you with more stability and dependable income.
  2. Become a motivational speaker. As a Life Coach, your job is to inspire your clients to make positive changes. Why not reach a larger audience of people with your message of hope? This is an especially good plan if you are focused on a specific niche, such as relationship challenges, recovery from a major illness, or career changes (to name just a few examples).
  3. Train other coaches. If you love teaching, why not consider training future coaches? As a trainer, you can inspire and lead others to create the coaching career of their dreams. You can share your own real-life coaching experiences with your students, like strategies for building a client base and using intuition in coaching. You can serve as a great resource for students who are still developing their unique coaching approach and offer personal words of wisdom they can apply with their own future clients.
  4. Write a book. Write a book or an e-book. Take your knowledge and your passion for helping people and put it down on paper. You’ll earn some additional money, and get your name out there on a broader scale that could lead to future clients and even additional book deals.
  5. Launch an online course. Develop an online course or webinar on a topic near and dear to your heart. You might, for instance, choose to specialize in helping people develop coping strategies to better balance their personal and professional lives. Whatever your specific expertise may be, you can create an online product that your clientele can find and work through when it’s most convenient for them.

These are just a few ideas, but you can find more on our Life Coach Salary page. Be creative and give some thought to anyone you may know who might also have ideas for how you can generate extra revenue as a Life Coach. Your Life Coach salary will grow as your ideas take you even further along this exciting career path.

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