Did you miss last week’s ‘Day In The Life Of An HCI Coach with Holly Toronto’? No worries, we’ve complied the post here for you! ENJOY…

Coffee, Inspiration and Journaling: I always start my day with one cup of coffee, an inspirational book and some journaling. Right now I’m reading The Law of Divine Compensation by Marianne Williamson. It’s an excellent resource for anyone who is starting their own business and desires to truly bring love and healing into the world. When I journal, I just allow myself to write down anything that comes to mind, whether it be recording my desires, positive affirmations or releasing a burden. It’s my therapy.

Daily Movement: In the past 3 months, I’ve made movement a part of my everyday life. I’ve noticed shifts not only in the way I look but also in my energy levels and how I manage stress. I always tell me clients to move their body to feel good and looking good will be an added bonus. It doesn’t have to be something super intense but I do enjoy HIIT training to really sweat it out. 20 minutes is all I need! I do 10 different exercises for 1 minute each and repeat for a total of 20 minutes. I use a HIIT App to track the time to make it super easy. It’s kick-ass!

Breakfast: Smoothie bowls, all day, everyday!!! I love them in the summer. I keep the base super simple and have a lot of fun with the toppings. This one is avocado, mango, spinach, cinnamon, chia, hemp and 10oz of water for the base and I top it with delicious berries, coconut flakes, chia seeds and tons of almond butter. It’s so energizing and filling!

Staying Informed: I usually try not to eat my meals while distracted but I give myself a free pass with breakfast. I love to read up on what is going on in the wellness community so I’ll check out my favorite blogs, Mind Body Green, Well & Good and Refinery 29. I’ll usually share an article or 2 on my Facebook page. I love to educate people on health related topics or share a recipe I found. Also, this is my workspace. It’s still a work in progress but I love it. Organization is super important to me.

To Do’s & Emails: Now it’s time for To Do’s and emails! I thrive off of checking items off my to do list. It keeps me on track and motivated. Today I’m going to work on recording a video for my YouTube channel. It’s a new project for me. I share my thoughts on health related topics and hopefully they serve and inspire others. It’s totally outside my comfort zone but I really enjoy challenging and pushing myself. When I’m done going through my to-do list, I’ll spend the rest of the morning returning emails to clients or referral partners.

Yoga Studio: I recently became a work-study at a Yoga Studio in my neighborhood. I volunteer my time there 5 hours a week to mop the floors, organize the props but mostly I get to sit at the desk and work on projects for my practice. I also get to interact with everyone who comes in during my shift which is a great way to get to know people and share with them what I do.

Coaching Time: My favorite part of my day! I love connecting with my clients, celebrating their victories, supporting them through their challenges and introducing new concepts and ideas that will keep them motivated towards their goals. This particular client is a total rockstar.. She always shows up for her call, follows through on her action steps and has a positive outlook on life. She’s truly my ideal client.

Dinner Time : I love to cook so I’ll usually make a healthy dinner for me and my husband. I’ve been obsessed with my spiralizer lately so I made zoodles with fire roasted tomatoes, kale and an over-easy egg. So simple, yet satisfying and delicious.
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