At HCI Live in Miami in May, seven awesome, powerhouse women (all dedicated HMBA Grads) got up on stage to share their inspirational, heartfelt, tear-jerking, uplifting personal transformation and money empowerment stories with the entire HCI Live audience in a brave attempt to win the—$10k in 10 Weeks Challenge. 

Boy it was tough to choose between these finalists because each woman, in her own unique way, wowed the audience with brave stories of overcoming really hard life challenges and rising up to become the best version of themselves, both in their personal and business lives, that they could dare to imagine.

We want to thank each and every contestant for standing proud and speaking her truth. Each one of you is an inspiration to us all of what’s possible when you say YES to yourself and just freakin’ go for it!

But one woman, the final contestant, won the audience’s heart.

Hanna Kokovai is a 30-year-old certified Health Coach who lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. Hanna’s light shines so bright that it was kinda impossible for her not to win the challenge; she was that genuine.

Check out this video of Hanna Kokovai—winner of the $10k in 10 Weeks Challenge!

To see what Hanna’s up to as a Health Coach visit her site at:

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