LESS THAN SIX MONTHS after Mandy graduated from BHC… Mandy is doing better than ever! So much so that we just couldn’t resist posting you this update on her life now as a coach. First… She’s seriously launched her biz as a Neuroscience Based Life Coach but boy is she having fun doing it! While building her coaching biz, she also got married so now goes by Mandy Perry not Mandy Greene. And she slowly and proudly upleveled her “office” space. This is a funny anecdote so read on… Mandy will tell you herself that when she started coaching, she was living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment and shared a bedroom with her daughter so she was coaching out of her bathroom! Then she earned enough money to move and was able to work from her own bedroom in the house. Now she has an office with her very own office chair! And in case you don’t know Mandy’s story, when she started BHC she was 90 pounds overweight, “drinking to survive”, earning $400 a week, on welfare, and on anti anxiety and anti depressant meds. Through our Become a Health Coach Program she lost 60 pounds and started earning more in one day than she earned in one month and she went from hating her life to loving her life and her life’s WORK as a coach! We share this because it’s super refreshing and oh so inspiring to meet someone who is so real and so shameless about their hardships. Mandy is brutally honest and wears her heart on her sleeve. So many people would have used a lack of office space (and everything else Mandy was going through) as an excuse to NOT START coaching but not Mandy. She just kept on upleveling her situation with a smile on her face and a positive attitude that radiates love and the ability to look back and laugh at absurdity. Mandy has the tenacious spirit it takes to get through the rough stuff to build success. Success doesn’t just happen. You work at it. One step at a time. Even if it means starting in your basement apartment bathroom! Mandy did not get stuck in needing everything to be perfectly lined up before starting. She started when nothing was perfect. And this starter attitude is a powerful lesson we can all learn from. Thanks Mandy! In her latest video post, Mandy reaches out not from her basement bathroom but from Bali!! … And her simple, yet powerful and humble message is: “If I can do it, you can do it!” Go Mandy! Check out the latest video from Mandy Perry aka THAT girl…
And just in case you missed our other two posts about Mandy here they are… BHC Student Spotlight: Meet Mandy Greene BHC Grad Spotlight: FFWD 7 Months…Mandy Greene is THAT girl! And here are some inspiring reviews of her coaching work from her site… Leave a comment below! Let us know what inspires you about Mandy’s attitude… Do you feel that if she can do it, so can you? Can you relate to her spirit and what it takes to start at the bottom and make it happen for yourself?

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