On paper, the professions of “insult comic” and “Life Coach” seem to be worlds apart. After all, don’t insult comics tear people down, while Life Coaches build them up?

Yet now-former insult comic Lisa Lampanelli stands to become one of the most famous Life Coaches ever, after announcing her transition from comedy to Life Coaching on the Howard Stern Show in October 2018. In a subsequent interview with Vulture magazine, Lampanelli confirmed her career change. She said she had begun to feel concerned that her comic messages of “inclusion” and “love” were getting “lost in translation” by audiences experiencing her sharp-tongued humor.

“I don’t want to be misunderstood ever again,” Lampanelli told Vulture. “I want to say literally what’s on my mind.”

To accomplish her goal, Lampanelli is obtaining a Life Coach certification to help her launch the “Love Your Body, Feed Your Soul” workshop, which focuses on body image and weight loss issues. Lampanelli herself lost 100 pounds several years ago and now seeks to help others cope with the food obsession and self-criticism that can plague people with weight concerns.

Famous Life Coaches – What They All Have in Common

Unlike Lampanelli, who enjoys a high degree of name recognition, most of the famous Life Coaches – Tony Robbins, Danielle LaPorte, and many others – started out as regular folks, building their businesses one brick at a time. After all, Robbins did not book Bill Clinton as his first client. No, Robbins first forged a specific path to dominance in his niche – and that’s the important characteristic all famous Life Coaches have in common. They all understand the need to develop a specialty in Life Coaching to achieve success.

Lampanelli’s niche focuses on people with food and body image issues. LaPorte specializes in helping people align their core beliefs with their life choices in order to find more fulfillment and meaning in everyday life.

As you proceed along the path to becoming a Life Coach, you can speed to success by refining your coaching niche. Ask yourself:

  • What is your personal life passion? Is it body image, like Lisa Lampanelli? Money management for women? Achieving career success in mid-life? As you get in touch with your true passion, you can focus your coaching business on that aspect of life.
  • What major challenges have you overcome in your own life? Could you help others tackle the same obstacles?
  • What is your top interpersonal skill? Could it be listening? Empathy? Can you teach others how to develop this same skill in order to unlock more success in life?

Defining your Life Coaching niche might come easily, or it might require a deep dive to find where your skills and passions intersect. But in the end, you will benefit from developing a specialty around which to build your Life Coaching business.

Why Be a Life Coach?

That question represents a great starting point for developing your core focus. Why do you want to become a Life Coach?

Most people become Life Coaches because they feel a strong desire to help people. In fact, that’s precisely the reason Lampanelli cited. “I wanna do more of what makes me feel connected to other people, and what makes them connected to me, and to each other,” she told Vulture.

But a desire to help isn’t the only skill a Life Coach needs. Completing a Life Coach training program equips you with business tools like how to set up and market your business, along with communication skills to facilitate client interactions. As Lampanelli said, “I’m getting my life coaching certification so…I can handle anything that comes my way in [one of my body image workshops] and have those tools.”

What is a Life Coach?

Life Coaches are people who help others achieve their goals and realize their dreams. To do this, you may work with clients individually or in groups, using a variety of techniques like workshops, one-on-one video sessions, or by publishing downloadable tools like worksheets and books. As your own boss, you can structure your Life Coaching business any way you want to!

Life Coaches inspire and empower their clients to create positive change in their lives. Coaches serve as organizers, cheerleaders, and accountability partners for their clients. Coaches help clients develop action plans and stick to them – and celebrate the accomplishments that follow.

How to Become a Life Coach

A simple, four-step process can help you become a Life Coach in as few as eight months. The basic path includes:

  1. Get trained! Find a Life Coach training program that gives you the best foundation for success in your profession.
  2. Develop your niche.
  3. Launch your new business.
  4. Continue your education by taking workshops and seminars that enable you to hone your skills even further.

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