HCI Live is around the corner and as the excitement builds, we want to take this time to shortlist some ways you can make the most of this live event while being your best self.

Here are our Top 10 Ways To Be Your Best At HCI Live:

Get Grounded

Live events with all their socializing and networking are as exhilarating as they are exhausting. Getting grounded could be as simple as keeping both feet on the ground when you’re sitting for hours at a time; closing your eyes at times to soothe the visual stimulation; going outside to seek a quiet spot from the crowd. It’s super important so that you don’t get overwhelmed or drained by the buzz and helps you to make the most of your connections and interactions.

Self-Care First

This is a deep dive into getting grounded. Once you are grounded, you can engage in self-care. So take time out of the busy schedule to check in with yourself—go for a walk outside the hotel; go rest in your home; get fresh air; go meditate; find a quiet spot to just breathe; make use of the spa hotel in your time off; go easy on the alcohol; make sure you get enough sleep and eat healthy like you do at home.

Cool Connections

We often say these live events are about getting off your computer and getting with your community. This is your Tribe so once you’re feeling grounded and you’ve taken time for self-care and you feel you have the mojo to connect, then by all means get out there and be that social butterfly! But make sure that you get as much as you give, that the connections you seek don’t drain your energy but boost it instead; that conversations are inspiring and make you feel alive and most importantly that you can bring your authentic self to every interaction.

Heart Hugs

Another super valuable experience of our live events is that all these people you’ve been connecting with virtually, you get to feel out in the flesh. There is nothing like in-person, face-to-face connections and consented touch like heart hugs to fuel your endorphins and make you feel loved and held and like you belong, ‘cos you do! So come with your heart open and give and receive as many heart hugs as you can. They are energizing and free!

Boundaries are Blessings

Because a live event is so hyped with intense connections jam-packed into a few days, you can literally feel like you’re getting high on all the vibes. Also, there is so much to say, so much meeting and greeting to do that you can’t help be super aware of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out!) It’s important to catch yourself in these moments when you’re torn between going for a quiet walk outside in the fresh air to recharge yourself and going for drinks with your new pals. You don’t want to burn out. So remember when you say no to one thing, you are saying yes to something else. And vice versa. Make sure you put your self-care first. Drinks can always come later.

Just Be Yourself

One of the most amazing things about HCI Live is that you get to witness people’s personal and transformational stories, of which there are many. It’s important for you to remember not to compare and despair as we like to say. It’s not going to help you step into your own spotlight. If someone’s story triggers you and you feel that human pang of envy, bless them on their unique journey and reframe it into a positive inspiration that you too can manifest the unique version of success you wish to have in your own life. Remember that everyone evolves at their own pace. If you follow the steps, believe in yourself and keep going forward, you can achieve anything!

All Emotions Are Welcome

Although there will be hundreds of people in the room, many of whom are strangers to one another, it will quickly start to feel like one big family where there are no secrets. The beauty of this experience lies in the vulnerability that people share. It’s so easy at HCI Live to wear your heart on your sleeve. A lot of people have battled hard life journeys and a lot of people are still in survival mode while others are already thriving. This can bring up a lot of raw, deep emotions. So remember that all emotions are welcome. This is a time to feel seen, heard and loved by all. So be brave and let it out…whatever “it” is and feel the amazing support of your Tribe.

Listen and Be Heard

As you can hear, there is a lot of energy exchange at HCI Live. And energy is a two-way street. It’s reciprocal. So make sure you take as much time to listen to others as others do to listen to you. It’s one of our core human needs to want to be heard. And there is immense power in just listening without responding. Not many people in our society have the space to feel completely heard and many have never taken the time to completely listen. So try on both roles. When someone shares their story with you, really listen. Give them that gift of feeling heard. And when it’s your turn to share, be vulnerable, be real and let give them the gift of real listening so you too can feel truly heard.

Have Fun

Yes there are tons of raw emotions, yes there are tears, yes there is deep, core change work happening to many AND that does not mean you need to wear black and be glued to the Kleenex box. HCI Live is a celebration of a shift in your mindset and in the global mindset to a happier, healthier and more alive version of being. So remember that while there is time to be serious, there is also time to have fun. So get up out of your chair to do the fun movement exercises during breaks. Do something spontaneous. Do something naughty. Step out of your comfort zone because as you know, that’s where your biggest growth happens!

Every End Is A New Beginning

Remember that just because our time together in person at HCI Live is limited to twice a year, that does not mean connections end there. This is your Tribe. These are your peeps. They are here at HCI Live to support you and stretch you into the best version of yourself and if you stay genuinely connected once HCI is over—no matter where you live in the world—you will continue to offer this great gift of friendship for life. For real. And who knows, your next best friend may become your business partner or your beloved. Connections are mysterious. It’s entering into the unknown. And it’s what makes life worth living. So get email addresses, get names, get connected on Social Media and the energy of HCI Live will live on long after it’s over.


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