Ah…money. We live for it. We kill for it. We work for it. We play for it. And we so often allow it to have control over us like an almighty dictator. But money is really just currency, which literally means its a medium of exchange. In this case, energy exchange. And it’s our relationship with it, that largely determines how much of it we receive, how much of it we give and its overall effect on our lives.

Money is all too often still a taboo topic somehow. It gets swept under all types of rugs. Holistic types, especially, don’t like to talk about money as though talking money would taint their value. But honestly, the only way to leverage your service as a healer is by making right by your money mantra.

What this means is doing the work to discover what your issues are around money. Do you never earn enough to pay the bills and struggle with deservability issues? Do you earn enough and then some but have a knack of spending it all and saving none?

Do you want money so badly that you’ll backstab or sleep your way to the top to have it? Do you despise money and wish we could find another way to pay for services such as trading a goat for a week’s worth of coaching?

First, try this: consider your relationship with money, a relationship. Now that you’re aware that you’re in relationship with this thing called money, the question is how do you treat it? And how do you let it treat you? Do you respect it by keeping it safe and protected in a quality wallet? Or do you scrunch it up in the back pocket of your jeans and forget it exists only to rediscover it limp and wet on laundry day?

If money is energy, do you find yourself apologizing or excusing yourself for wanting it? A human analogy would be like really wanting to spend time with a friend but constantly apologizing for desiring their friendship.

Or do you find yourself obsessing about money so much that the thought of it consumes your life? In human relating terms that would be kinda unhealthy, don’t you think? To be that obsessed with one relationship to the detriment of everything else in your life.

We all carry money baggage. Whether we were raised poor and looked to making tons of money as a savior, like a prince in shining armor. Or we were raised rich only to expect the creme de la creme and seeing money as a plush cushion always there to hold us. Or something in between. We all carry money baggage. From our parents, their parents and generation upon generation of money legacy.

So this post is simply an invitation to you to get clear on your relationship with money. How you relate to it. How you treat it. How you allow it to treat you. Literally, how does it treat you? What luxuries or niceties do you buy for yourself with your money?

And if money were human, who would it be? Can you think of someone that your idea/image of money looks like? Is this person classy and stylish or spunky and cute? Nerdy and conservative or free-spirited and sexy? And what is your relationship like with that person? Do you want to be close to them? Or do you push them away? Are you attracted to them? Or repelled? Or repulsed?

All these are valuable clues to get you thinking about how you relate to money.

Heck, don’t like the word ‘money’? Call it something else. Give it a new face, a new name. Something fun. Something sexy. Something you can find attractive. Something you will want to invite into your life. That’s where the power lies.

Because, money actually does kind of grow on trees. Paper money is made from a blend of cotton and linen. That’s pretty close to growing on a tree. It’s from the earth. It’s natural. Well, it was before it got processed. But the point is money is abundant. It’s alive in that it exists. It has energy. And the more you make right by your money mantra, honestly, the happier you’ll be.
So, share below. What’s been your money mantra up to now? What’s your new money mantra? What new money seeds are you planting today?

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