We’ve all heard of the importance of holding intention before starting something or getting clear around purpose before choosing a path but these are not quite the same as setting goals.
That’s certainly not to underestimate the power of intention and purpose. Holding intention is a wonderful way to clear space and connect with your heart around a dream, idea, or hope. And focusing on your purpose is a sure way to keep you motivated and seeing the bigger picture.
But there is something about the simplicity of the word “goal” and what it connotes that makes it a little powerhouse of note. What we mean by that is that this four-letter word comes packed with an action plan. It has to otherwise it wouldn’t be called a goal.
Goal means “an end toward which effort is directed” and the best thing about setting goals is they can be teeny tiny and you guess what, small things make the BEST goals.
Why? Because they’re doable. They’re achievable. They’re short-term in that you don’t reach for a goal that’s a lifetime away—that would be your purpose—instead, you set a manageable, within-reach, small goal and you go for it. You give it all you’ve got.
The result is that once you achieve it, you feel so good about yourself that it has a snowball effect of naturally encouraging you to set more goals, achieve them, feel even better about yourself and your skills and your abilities until your confidence is soaring and you’re well on your way to achieving your greater purpose and you feel so pleased that your intention has manifested.
A coach is one of the best and most well trained people out there to help clients set goals and stick to them thereby achieving them and then continuing the cycle. Why? A coach is especially trained to act as your sieve and sift out any goals that seem unrealistic, unreasonable, over-ambitious or counter-productive in any way.
And because we are who we are and we have being “doing” our lives forever, we are blinded by our own tactics, which is why when the right coach is there as your accountability partner, your cheerleader, your number one fan, your mirror to your highest self, then you know that you’re in good hands and that sticking to your goals is a piece of cake and achieving them is delicious.
Below are 5 tips to help you set goals that you can stick to:

  • Be specific rather than vague — I will drop 5lbs this by the end of this month versus I will get skinny OR I will become a certified Health Coach in six months versus I want to have my dream job
  • Go for small goals instead of big and broad
  • Set yourself a date to work towards
  • Celebrate your victories each and every time
  • Get an accountability buddy to help you stay on track

Your turn! What’s one or more goals you want to set and stick to in your own life? We want to hear from you. Spill it! 
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