The coaching industry is booming and it’s here to stay! According to Marketdata, LLC, it’s a $6 billion industry. Yep, you read that right—billion with a b!

That means there are endless opportunities out there for those of us who are passionate about helping others make lasting change in their lives. Along with this growth comes a great number of opportunities for future coaches to receive the best, most advanced training and implement innovative skills to help clients truly transform their lives.

So…what’s next for this exciting career? Stay tuned because we’re going to fill you in on what to expect from today’s Life Coach trainings and how coaching careers are forecasted to change.

What’s Trending in the World of Life Coach Training?

When it comes to Life Coach training, technology is the name of the game. Technology has changed the way we do business in almost every industry and Life Coaching is no different.

Online training is an increasingly popular route many future Life Coaches are choosing because it affords them the opportunity to obtain a solid education without the demand on their time that a physical classroom setting requires. Online training programs offer busy students flexibility, cutting-edge curriculums, and online tools they can use both during their training and beyond.

As you pursue a Life Coach training program, you can expect to see more and more innovative tech options for online training, including mobile learning opportunities, the ability to connect with fellow students on social media, and the use of online platforms such as forums to practice skills and interact with peers. For more info on online trainings, check out our post Should You Do Your Life Coach Training Online?

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Finding Clients After Completing Life Coach Training

As you begin planning for your awesome new career, you’ll want to put systems in place to find clients. A large majority of this work will be done online, so we’re going to give you a crash course in how you can best set your business up for success!

You should first decide on a niche that focuses in on what types of clients you want to help. This will help set you apart from other Life Coaches. Then you’ll want to pick a name, hammer out the details like how much you’ll charge and what services you’ll offer, draw up a service agreement, and make sure you have the tools you need (like business cards, a computer, email address, etc).

Next, it’s time to spread the word—and this is where technology will play a vital role! To get people talking about your services and give you a platform to showcase your amazing skills, the internet will be your most convenient, effective resource. Here’s a quick list of everything you should have in place to start spreading the word about your business online:

  • Build a dynamic and informative website. On your website, you’ll want to share information about your services, your biography and experience, and what sets you apart from other coaches. You’ll also want to make sure your website showcases your personality! We recommend writing a blog where you can share valuable information and even invite guests to write for you. Some ideas for free content you might share include favorite personal development exercises, big breakthroughs you’ve had in your own life, and some of your top client success stories.
  • Get social! Create all the channels for your business—consider setting up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest business profiles where you share information about your services, connect with potential clients, and let everyone get to know you. You can share resources for clients including interesting articles and blogs, anecdotes and photos from your personal life, inspirational quotes, and more! You should also encourage everyone in your personal life to share your posts and help spread the word!
  • Meet other coaches. List your services with various professional organizations and network with your peers. Comment on peers’ and influencers’ social media accounts, read their blogs, and be open to sharing ideas. You can even refer clients who aren’t the right fit for your services to your peers…with any luck, they’ll return the favor! Plus, getting to know other coaches is a great way to build a community around you of like-minded individuals who all have the same end goal in mind…to help clients change their lives.
  • Advertise online. It’s not free, but advertising your business online, either through search advertising or social media ads, is a great way to drive traffic to your site and get visibility for your business. Ads you can run might include: general business promotion, coaching programs you offer, free resources you want to pass along, challenges you’re offering your community, testimonials highlights, personal videos, etc.

What To Expect After Life Coach Training

Once you’ve established your business and clients are rolling in, you can begin to focus on the future of coaching as a whole and how your business can evolve to keep up with all the exciting changes in the Life Coaching industry.

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), there are four major trends coming to the coaching industry:

Mobile. It will come as no surprise that mobile coaching is at the top of the list. We use our mobile devices for so many different things in our lives and coaching is no different. Coaches should be sure to optimize their sites for mobile and make sure their content is easily accessible, no matter where potential clients choose to read it, whether it’s from a phone, laptop, iPad, or any other device!

On-Demand Coaching. We all know and love Uber and the convenience it offers. We’re used to having access to whatever we want—a ride, our groceries, dinner—delivered to our front door with the click of a button. Coaching appears to be moving in the same direction. Clients may eventually prefer the option to open an app and be immediately connected with a coach who can help them. Online coaching platforms allow coaches and potential clients to easily find each other. We recommend you stay up-to-date on trends and keep an eye out for apps that will allow you to be easily accessible to both potential and current clients. At Health Coach Institute, we’re proud to be pioneering innovative, industry-first tools that help make finding and working with clients easier and more convenient than ever for our students and graduates.

Coaching in the Cloud. Everything these days is digital and potential clients will be looking for convenient ways to keep and share files and resources online. Ensuring you’re set up to provide the technology and convenience clients are looking for will be one more way for you to set yourself up for career success!

Microlearning. In the world of training and development, microlearning is a hot topic. Microlearning means breaking down content into smaller pieces to be consumed on our phones, in the short bursts of time we have in between meetings, on our commutes, etc. When sharing information with clients, keep this in mind. This is why impactful social media posts and short, but powerful, blogs are a great way to establish trust and interact with potential clients.

An Exciting Future for Life Coaches

As you can see, it’s an exciting time to be a Life Coach and there’s no shortage of opportunities for you to help clients make amazing changes in their lives! As you build your business, you should stay current on how the industry is evolving and how you can prepare for future trends.

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