As a coach, one of the most vital roles you will play is that of accountability partner.
Being accountable to someone means you stand in integrity and keep your word and honor your commitments.
Being held accountable by someone means the same thing: you stand in your integrity, keep your word and honor your commitments. But you do this knowing someone’s got your back. And that someone is your accountability partner.
Your accountability partner will lift you up when you’re down, help you celebrate your wins, keep you on track and mirror back to you the highest version of you possible.
Plus, aren’t you more likely to follow through with something and achieve your goals if you know that someone is cheering for you and wants you to succeed just as much as you do?
Together we can achieve so much more than we can on our own. Don’t isolate yourself in a cocoon. Invest your energy in an accountability partner who will ride the waves with you. Support and stretch is what coaching is all about.
Accountability is the difference between believing the impossible and achieving the impossible. Your accountability partner will help you turn the impossible into the possible.
Go get ’em tiger! ?

“Transparency is the bridge between integrity and accountability”.

—Stacey Morgenstern

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