Do you believe this?

The only thing standing between you and the life you want for yourself, or the person you wish to become, is one thing: your own disempowering beliefs about who you are and what you’re capable of. Seriously. Everything else is workable. 

SO much of the magic we make as coaches has to do with holding up a mirror to our clients’ of the greatest version of themselves. Maybe this means earning $100k annually or becoming a fierce mama bear or becoming a public speaker or creating a lifestyle that includes regular travels or publishing a book or learning a musical instrument or singing in front of an audience or starting a non-profit or becoming a teacher or being the best Health Coach you can be.

Each of us has a dream for ourselves. It’s this dream that fuels our growth. But it’s also this dream that paralyzes us in fear. When we think about what we want to create for ourselves, we stop dead in our tracks and are suddenly flooded with disempowering, negative, belittling thoughts about ourselves: Who am I to have this, be this, do this? …No one will ever take me seriously…I’m never going to succeed so why even begin?…That life is for someone else…I don’t deserve…I’m not good enough…I’ll never get to live my dream.

Instead, how about trying even one of the 25 beliefs below on for size? Just try it. You wouldn’t believe how these words can literally alter your life and enable you to attract what you truly desire. For these 25 Empowering Beliefs, we turned to seven awesome women—all finalists in the HMBA Grad $10k in 10 WeeksChallenge—who got up on stage at HCI Live in Miami and poured their hearts out about the super tough times they had pulled through and the negative mindsets they had to overcome to get to where they are now.

These are 25 of their powerful reframes of disempowering beliefs…try one on and watch the magic spark:

  • This is my story
  • I celebrate where I once was because it made me who I am today—and I’ve accomplished a lot since I started
  • I remember all of my life’s accomplishments
  • What I do is valuable
  • I am willing to be vulnerable
  • I go all out for myself
  • I am connected to my value
  • I am committed to myself
  • I am more than what I’ve become
  • I remember who I am
  • I let go of disempowering beliefs
  • I am…
  • By changing my thoughts and beliefs about myself, my world will shift and I’ll be able to impact all those that I am meant to impact
  • I can be authentic
  • The moment I step into my authentic voice and share from there, is the moment everything changes
  • I am not afraid to share my truth and and speak my message
  • I don’t keep myself stuck in should’s
  • I decide that my story is worth being heard
  • I share the message I know is mine
  • I make the decision to be me and this allows my people to show up for me
  • I remember that I am unique
  • I am comfortable with the discomfort
  • I stand out
  • I step up
  • I model my greatness so those I love may model their own

Watch this video below to catch a glimpse of our seven $10k in 10 weeks Challenge finalists!

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