There is a clear interest in healthcare workers that concentrate on diet and wellness.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics noted a growth of 11% for occupations related to dietary management as a result of the rapid increase in chronic diseases that require nutrition regulation.

This continuous trend influenced competition among nutritional coaches as their numbers rose.
Thereby, it is only a question of whoever fits the criteria.

If you are a nutrition coach or planning to become a nutrition coach, it is plausible that you know what clients are looking for. In any profession, this has been pivotal information to gain a good reputation in the industry.
No need to worry or look any further if you don’t already know. Here are 5 key attributes that clients are looking for in a nutrition coach.  

  1. Nutrition coach that forms a genuine relationship with the client.
  2. Nutrition coach that is patient and persistent.
  3. Nutrition coach that walks the talk.
  4. Nutrition coach that listens intently.
  5. Nutrition coach that is an expert in the field.

1. Forms A Genuine Relationship with the Client

Establishing a healthy coach-client relationship with your client is always step one in ensuring a long-term partnership.
The rapport you build could become the foundation of your client’s success.

One study pointed out that nutritional coaching with a healthy coach-client relationship can help clients or patients find their inner motivation and develop self-determination to pursue better eating habits.

To do so, it is imperative that you exercise empathy and take an interest in the client’s problems, goals, and limiting factors.
Actively listening to your client during your sessions is instrumental to this as well as regular monitoring. However, it is vital to also respect the personal boundaries of the client as well.

Finding the perfect rhythm in forming a genuine coach-client relationship is a blend of following an effective process and extending a healthy amount of care towards your client.

2. Patient and Persistent

Here’s the reality about coaching people towards healthier dietary choices: there could be a relapse.
Coaching, in general, is a job that requires patience and persistence. Even more so, when eating habits are involved.

For patients who are suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, their eating habits can draw a super thin line between life and death.

Therefore, the role of a nutrition coach is absolutely crucial. For successful nutrition coaches, giving up is not an option.

They try all possible ways to encourage and motivate clients that tend to stray away from their goals by going back to their old eating habits.

In addition to this, they understand that no one strategy applies to all clients, so they know their clients well before coming up with a plan.

3. Walks the Talk

There is no scenario in the world where a client chooses a nutrition coach that does not value healthy dietary choices or exercise habits that are detrimental to their body.

As a nutrition coach, you are the primary role model to your client. In fact, you become the very source of inspiration that drives your client to pursue the necessary dietary and wellness plan.

In short, there is a lot at stake when you don’t walk your talk.

It does not only hurt the journey of your client, but it could also diminish your reputation down to its core.

4. A Good Listener

The thing about being a nutrition coach that is almost unique from its counterpart in the field of nutrition is that nutrition coaches take their time in actively listening to their clients.

It is the groundwork for healthy communication and for clients to feel your empathy.

There is no doubt that active listening is a requirement to form a productive coach-client relationship.

How exactly do you listen actively?

First and foremost, you should pay your utmost attention when the client is talking without a hint of judgment.

Respond appropriately to the narrative and provide the right feedback so that the client can confirm that you truly are listening.
By taking interest in the client’s words, you get to know them better and in doing so, you can effectively guide them towards healthy dietary habits.

5. Expert on the field

It is horrific if you are working in a certain industry and know little about its core skills or fundamental knowledge.
Of course, we can’t expect that you immediately know every single thing about the science and psychology behind nutrition.
It is a continuous learning process.

Nonetheless, it is truly an advantage if you are working towards becoming a true expert in the field.

Clients would always prefer those who can answer their questions with complete confidence and accuracy and those who can communicate the right information.

Thus, it is non-negotiable that nutrition coaches are well versed in the field and are updated on the trends and research with regard to nutrition. Health Coach Institute’s Become A Nutrition Coach program will give you the knowledge you need to become an expert in the field.

Becoming the Nutrition Coach that Clients Look For

It takes the right training and guidance to become the ideal nutrition coach that clients trust and choose.
The best program in becoming a nutrition coach includes a clear roadmap on not just acquiring the title but becoming effective and successful in your job. 

This means that the curriculum not only covers the basics of becoming a nutrition coach but all the best practices, the right connection, philosophy, and roadmap towards mastery.

If you want to be certain on your journey towards becoming a nutrition coach that attracts more clients and goes above and beyond your title, then you need to explore Health Coach Institute’s Nutrition Coach Training.

Expand your background in nutrition and equip yourself with the right counselling and coaching skills. 

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