The market size for the Health and Fitness Industry continues to rise as more people put significance on their personal health and becoming physically fit. In fact, according to Statista, the industry has valued more than 96 billion dollars in 2019 from 67 million in 2009.

Diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease have driven a huge portion of the population to seek help from nutrition coaches to completely get rid of habits and behaviors that pull them away from their health goals.

As such, it is natural that the demands for a nutrition coach open plenty of opportunities. Professionals like a registered dietitian, nurse or medical practitioner, spa specialists, and those who are passionate about nutrition who wish to become a nutrition coach recognize the benefits and the impact of this career in the community and in living their best life.

The best thing about becoming a nutrition coach nowadays is that the requirements are not as complicated compared to other career strands. If you go through the right training accredited by the right authority, your direction toward becoming a certified nutrition coach turns clearer.

With all the clear-cut advantages of a nutrition coach coupled with a straightforward career roadmap, decision-making can still be a tough task. And as people say, when in doubt use logic and research.

Hence, here are 5 practical reasons that could convince you to become a nutrition coach. 

1.  Improve your own health

Nutrition coaching, first and foremost, is all about behavioral changes toward diet and nutrition. Naturally, the first client of new nutrition coaches is theirselves.

During training and course completion, you will be introduced to different strategies, philosophies, and established scientific knowledge that could expand your understanding of nutrition and how to intercept behavior.

In the process, you get to apply the theoretical and practical knowledge in your real life. Primarily as a means of coaching practice but importantly as a normal mindset transition.   

2.  Work on your own schedule

One of the major career goals we have nowadays is being able to work with you as your own boss. You get to come up with your own schedule, set your own goals, and execute strategies that benefit you the most. You can experience all of these if you decide to become a nutrition coach.

Nutrition coaching can be a standalone career. Thereby, you can cater to clients on your own time and basically work anywhere, anytime as most of the responsibilities of a nutrition coach can be fulfilled remotely. 

3.  Acquire updates first-hand about dietary management

Research about nutrition, metabolic disorders, and methods on dietary management emerge now and then.

As a professional nutrition coach, you get to learn about these breakthroughs first and help in the process of educating others.
You will also be a part of a community that puts high regard to health and fitness through evidence-based nutritional adjustments. 

4.  Start your own coaching business

As mentioned, nutrition coaching has proved to be in high demand, especially with the present generation. Not only because of the rampant cases of metabolic disorders and other related diseases but because a lot of people nowadays are conscious of their fitness and body image.

Professional athletes, celebrities, and modern-day influencers are particularly conscious about getting their body in shape that they spare no expense in hiring trainers and coaches. This alone has inspired many nutrition coaches to build their very own coaching business.

And the best thing is, you can even do it in the comfort of your home.

Simply set up a virtual call with your client and conduct consultation online or via phone call. Of course, the option of in-person consultation is still open depending on how you design your services. In short, you have the freedom in time and workload that most regular company employees miss.   

5.  Become an agent of behavioral change towards nutrition

Nothing feels like a good job than when you make a crucial change in the life of your client.

Nutrition coaching is all about helping people eliminate damaging eating habits, mentality, and attitude toward their health and leading them into contrasting habits that improve their wellbeing and their life as a whole.  

You will make a difference with people struggling with attaining balanced nutrition especially those who are suffering from chronic diseases. The role of a nutrition coach is vital in achieving long-term change that could practically extend the lifetime of people. 

How to become a Nutrition Coach?

Healthcare professionals such as nurses and doctors, benefit from becoming a nutrition coach as they extend their services outside the clinic and into the real lives of their patients. Even those who are coming from non-medical professions can become a certified nutrition coach through proper training.

To become a nutrition coach, secure the right education that contains a curriculum encompassing the basic knowledge on coaching such as cutting-edge psychology, brain science, nutrition, and wellness, and more. Look for an institution that offers training on critical skills such as transformational coaching, designing a healthy lifestyle plan, etc.

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The Bottom Line

Becoming a nutrition coach can be the best career decision you will make considering the increasing face value of the profession these days, not to mention, the opportunities for financial freedom and personal growth that comes therein.

Even if you don’t plan to put up your own coaching business, you will get ahead of your career if you are a certified nutrition coach. Therefore, acquiring the right course or training is a definite win-win goal.    

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