How can you resist a fruit that is nicknamed the “alligator pear”, is as creamy as… cream, as nutty as….nuts and as rich and delicious, and nutritious, as raw, wild, pink salmon?

THE $3 avocado was one of our all-time, top-liked posts on our Facebook page recently. Either you just completely looooove avocados or you can so relate that you couldn’t resist laughing out loud at yourself as you think back to that moment at the grocery store.

Picture it: you’re standing in the middle of the produce aisle spacing out, eyes-glazed over like a madman or woman, holding the non-organic avocado for less than a dollar in one hand and the organic $3 avocado in the other and having the following conversation in your head:

Wow, that avocado is so big and green, I really want it!
(Then you catch a glimpse of the price and gulp)
Oh, holy shit balls! It’s $3!!!
How can an avocado, one fruit, that grows on a tree, be $3?
This is crazy. I’m not paying $3 for this avocado.
(You put it back and pick up the non-organic avocado)
This is better. It’s less than a dollar. Still crazy, but reasonable….
Wait, are avocados on that list of high-pesticide food that should be bought organic?
I can never remember. I need to, like, tape the list to my shopping cart, or something…
Wait, this one’s way small and it’s going brown on the side and has a bruise. Oh jees!
(You put it back and pick up the organic one again)
Stuff it. I deserve THIS avocado. I do. What’s $3? The price of a coffee…a subway ride…
Today I’m gonna treat myself. I’m just gonna do it.
I am worthy of THIS $3 avocado.

And just in case you’re still doubting the health benefits of this nutty, green fruit (yes, it’s a fruit not a veggie and that’s a fact,) here are 5 reasons you need to eat an (organic) one daily…

Avocados are:
  • Super high (50%) in Pantothenic acid aka Vitamin B5, which helps your body metabolize fats, carbs and proteins as energy sources. Without Pantothenic acid your immune system couldn’t function. That’s how important it is. Just FYI…
  • Packed with more potassium than its yellow fruit friend—the banana! Potassium is a 1 of 7 essential macrominerals, which helps your body balance fluids, keep your blood and organs healthy and improve mineral absorption. Potassium is also an electrolyte, which is great for healthy blood pressure.
  • A great source of healthy, monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid (also present in olive oil,) which is known to reduce inflammation and help reduce heart disease. You just can’t get a healthier fat than that found in an avocado.
  • Fabulously fiber-full! Yup, you guessed it, fiber is famous for helping you get regular, easy bowel movements and say goodbye to constipation. It’s plant matter that matters when it comes to weight loss and lowering blood sugar.
  • Ready to rock because they’re conveniently packed tight in their own protective skin and all you need is a knife (or the long end of a spoon or fork) to cut it open and a spoon to scoop it out and eat it straight out its skin like ice cream in a cone!

BTW, did you know that you can slather avocado on your face as a face mask? Use it to condition your hair? Make oil out of it that’s one of the best cooking oils out there? Yup, we know, avocados are the bomb! Eat one daily and be avo-happy.

Comment below and let us know if you let yourself have that $3 organic avocado today…because you’re worth it! ?

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