Rest, relax, and reprieve.

That’s the advice you’re probably giving to your clients this time of year. But, have you considered taking your own advice this holiday season? It can be tough to snooze notifications and prioritize your own mental and physical health over the holidays, but trust us, it’s worth it. This season, you can take your own best advice and optimize your holiday break to hit the ground running in the new year. 

Health Coach Institute’s Top 5 Tips to Help Coaches Relax During the Holidays

Here are five helpful ways every health coach can detox at the holiday with a healthy dose of self care to enter 2022 stronger and more relaxed than ever. 

1. Take Care of Business Housekeeping Pre Holidays  

No one wants to feel stressed during the holidays, or be overwhelmed by work to come. Getting started on your pre-holiday business housekeeping can help mitigate your to-do lists and emails that inevitably pile up when you’re out of the office.

Set yourself up for success by sending invoices to clients before your break begins. Find a few precious moments to clean and declutter your desk so when you return from your break, you can start with a fresh slate. Automate or complete any tasks that might disrupt your much-needed TLC so you can take a break and really check out for a while. 

2. Healthy Habits: Practice What You Preach

It’s easy to advise your clients on how to practice healthy habits before and during the holidays, but it can be harder to follow your own advice.

Coaches: make it a point to practice what you preach during the holidays (think: solid self-care, proper nutrition and sleep hygiene, and regular exercise). This can look like breaking out an old cookbook and whipping up a new twist on a classic dish. Or tapping back into your breathwork and meditation practice when time with family and friends gets stressful. Now’s a good time to schedule that much needed massage you’ve been craving. Whatever advice you’re giving to your clients this year, employ a few practices for yourself to help ease you into the holiday season.

3. Stay Committed To Your PTO 

For coaches, committing to your clients’ success is a top priority. But when you’re out of the office during a holiday break, you should make yourself a priority and fully commit to being “off”.

Avoid checking emails or taking work-related phone calls that aren’t emergencies. It’s okay to let your clients know that you’re unavailable during this time and to equip them with the tools to continue the work you’ve taught them while you’re on hiatus. Your clients should understand that you, too, are human and need a break so you can return to coaching grounded, rested, and collected. Even Health and Wellness Coaches need a recharge!

Try your best to stay committed to reducing work-related contact during your well-deserved personal time off. 

4. Celebrate Your Personal Wins for 2021 

The holidays are all about celebrations and reflecting on the year. Why not look back on your accomplishments and pat yourself on the back, too? During your break, you can journal about or meditate on how much you’ve accomplished this year, big or small.

Reflect on: 

  • How many people have you helped?
  • What results did you help your clients achieve?
  • How did you grow this year as a health coach? As a person?
  • Did you meet your financial goals?

Take this period to celebrate yourself and do treat-type activities that honor your hard work, like going dancing, attending a concert, getting a massage, or enjoying a fancy dinner. Reflecting on your good work with gratitude will jumpstart your new year on a positive note. 

5. Surround Yourself With Your Favorite People 

The holidays are best spent with people who love and care about you. For many, spending time surrounded by friends and family is a powerful way to refill their cup when it’s running on empty.

Now’s a good time to have one-on-ones with people who you trust, so you can process the year’s joys and struggles. Keeping your inner circle tight and well-connected this season can help you feel grounded and supported to start coaching again in 2022.  

Bottom Line: Put Self-Care First to Serve Your Clients Best 

Feeling rested and refreshed after the holiday season is important to keeping your coaching practice alive and well. This is a great way to end the current year, and prepare yourself for the upcoming New Year. Remember, this is a great time to unwind but don’t let poor habits creep into your routine!

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