1. Drink fresh water
  2. Take a walk in the fresh air and sunshine
  3. Go to sleep by 10pm and get your 8 hours of rest
  4. Connect with awesome community that see you for who you are
  5. Stretch your body like a cat
  6. Hike in the woods and listen to the trees
  7. Have amazing sex with someone you really love or you’re really into
  8. Journal your thoughts and feelings
  9. Sing till your lungs hurt
  10. Dance till you drop
  11. Daydream like a child
  12. Lay on fresh green grass
  13. Have a candlelit bath in silence
  14. Hang upside down on a jungle gym
  15. Play with children
  16. Watch the sun set
  17. Doodle
  18. Meditate
  19. Wake up at dawn and listen to the birds sing
  20. Dip your toes in a river
  21. Chat about nothing with a good friend
  22. Take a nap in the afternoon
  23. Pull weeds out the garden
  24. Help someone in need
  25. Create a vision board collage with old magazine pics
  26. Read a hardcover book
  27. Rake garden leaves
  28. Hold a baby
  29. Play with a pet
  30. Rearrange the furniture
  31. Get rid of clutter
  32. Donate old clothes
  33. Sit by the light of a fire
  34. Have a conversation with an elder
  35. Hang laundry out to dry in the sun
  36. Give some of your time to charity
  37. Get a friend to massage your feet
  38. Take digital photos for fun
  39. Ride a bike in the wind
  40. Count your blessings
  41. Pray
  42. Knock nails in a wall
  43. Introduce yourself to your neighbors
  44. Recycle
  45. Make a mobile from scrap material
  46. Play a musical instrument
  47. Write a song or a poem
  48. Look at a photo album of your loved ones
  49. Smile
  50. Read this list again and again and again

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