INTEGRATION is an important process of combining separate parts into an ‘integrated’ whole.

What this means for you as a BHC student is that you take the time, after each Pillar, to absorb all the knowledge you gained so far in whatever way works best for you—in whatever way you need.

This is why we kickstarted last week with an Integration Week for students who just completed Pillar 1. Integration is a way for your body, mind and soul to digest new information, process new skills you’ve been practicing, and to get all parts of you aligned so you can put your best foot forward, moving forward.

Below are 7 ways we suggested you use the week to your benefit. We’re super curious to hear which resonated with you the most?
Leave a comment below and tell us how your Integration Week served you or didn’t serve you? And if there is something you wish to add to this list, please share with us what that is! We’d love to hear about your experience of Integration Week!

7 Tips To Help You Make The Most Of Your Integration Week

  1. Celebrate!

Take yourself and your loved ones out to celebrate simply completing Pillar 1! Even if you didn’t get everything done, it’s still a big accomplishment that deserves a celebration.

  1. Reflect

Write in your journal what your biggest takeaways were over the last seven weeks and/or make notes of your biggest accomplishments and toughest challenges so you can look back and see how much you’ve grown.

  1. Catch up

Have any outstanding requirements that need to be fulfilled before you move on to the next pillar? Any Skills Labs or lessons that your gut is telling you to revisit?

  1. Check in

Check in with yourself and reconnect with your MOFA (motivating factor) for Becoming A Health Coach. Notice if it’s changed? Is it still the same? Feel free to make any adjustments you need to make.

  1. Change a habit

After deep diving into health and nutrition in Pillar 1, is there one diet or lifestyle habit that no longer serves you that you’d like to let go of this week?

  1. Do nothing

Most of us are multitasking superstars! The problem is that doing too much all the time can take its toll on our health and lead to burnout. Take this week to do nothing—even if it’s for one hour a day! You won’t believe how much more energized you’ll feel.

  1. Have fun

Never underestimate the power of fun! Use this time to connect with joy and laughter and lightness in your life. Don’t take it all so seriously. After all, ya gotta have fun while you’re changing the world. 😉

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