Do you ever wake up and feel like “arrgh”—you just want to go straight back to bed so you don’t have to face the day’s challenges? Do you ever start the day thinking about all your problems and feeling down on your luck, and like nothing is working out the way you wanted it to? Do you ever wish you could close your eyes and be transported into someone else’s life? Or maybe you feel a multitude of negative feelings that spiral around in your mind leaving you feeling depressed, uncertain, chaotic, doubtful, faithless, unlucky, frustrated or any number of difficult emotions.

We have an awesome 7-step challenge for you today to help get you out of a rut of negative thinking and to help you CULTIVATE your ALIVENESS.

As Health Coaches, we believe in living your best life ever so that you can help others do the same. It is through cultivating a sense of aliveness that we feel like we matter as individuals. We feel like our contributions count and that our work in the world changes lives. And our relationships are rich and harmonious and fulfilling, and our health is flourishing, and we are living our lives with joy and a sense of abundance.

Well guess what? You don’t have to have all these things in place to start appreciating your life now! We all have problems and obstacles to overcome, even when things are going great. The challenge is to cultivate your aliveness every day, morning and night, as a ritual so that you begin to grow your appreciation for the small and big things in your life. You may have heard of Abraham-Hicks’s Rampage of Appreciation or Law of Attraction where the more you praise things in your life, the more wonder enters your life. It’s a compounding effect of good vibes, basically.

So we’ve compiled a downloadable worksheet for you to print out and start today to honor and be grateful for all aspects of your life including the challenges and hardships, which are our greatest teachers. When you wake up tomorrow morning go through the easy three-step morning ritual followed by the equally easy four-step evening ritual before you go to bed. Both rituals encompass what we refer to as The Big 5 Areas of your Life: Health; Money; Love/Relationships; Career; That Which Is Greater.

All you will need for the month is a journal or loose paper and a pen and to set aside five minutes for your morning ritual and five minutes for your evening ritual. Commit to doing this exercise for one month starting today and watch the gems start to filter into every aspect of your life. It feels like magic. It starts with gratitude. It grows and grows. And before you know it, a lot of your problems have either resolved themselves or have turned into opportunities for enormous personal growth.

Click on the Cultivate Your Aliveness worksheet below to download your very own printable copy so can start cultivating right NOW!

BTW “to cultivate” means to foster the growth of... like tending to a garden and watching your flowers bloom from seeds. Cultivating your aliveness is about fostering your personal growth so that your life feels in full bloom every single day despite challenges!

Leave a comment below and let us know in thirty days what awesomeness you have started to witness in your own life! Please share your thoughts. This is a fantastic exercise to sink your teeth into as a Tribe. We are all in this together. Let’s support one another on our journeys to aliveness!

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