It’s 2017 woot! We know we’ve been talking a lot about mantras and motivation, about meaningful work and about an attitude of gratitude in our blog posts lately. But when we came across this awesome image up top, we just couldn’t help but reach out to y’all with a post about POSSIBILITIES.

Personally, we prefer the archaic definition.

Opening up to possibilities means connecting with your utmost power, unleashing your full capacity and believing wholeheartedly in your innate ability to achieve whatever the heck you wanna achieve in your one life as you!

Honestly, the reason we do this work as Health Coaches is because we have experienced in our lives, in our guts and in our hearts the huge—and we mean enormous—life changes that have happened in our own lives since we became Health Coaches.

Then we witnessed the incredible changes on every level—mental health, emotional health, physical health, relational health and spiritual health—that our clients went on to experience in their own lives and we’ve just been so blown away by everyone’s experiences and how different each and every client and student and grad’s lives look and feel once they know that change is not just possible but change is flippin real.

So here’s a little action-oriented exercise for ya to take away with you from this post.

Grab yourself a sticky note pad. Tear one piece off and write one possibility today. Write another possibility tomorrow. And another the next day. They don’t have to be huge. They can be small. Anything goes. Anything. Keep it light, keep it fun. And remember these are not things you have to “make happen”. No. This ain’t a to-do list. These are possibilities, desires, hopes, dreams. You get it.

If you really wanna go all out with this, you can go into nature and collect a bunch of pebbles or stones. Use a marker or white out and write your possibility on each one, every day, every other day, or once a week. Doesn’t matter as long as you do it. Line them up on your desk or your windowsill and look at what you’re hoping to manifest, what you’re desiring to create. These are your possibilities.

The idea is to be open to new possibilities. And to believe it’s all possible. Give yourself this year to go about it and voilà. Who knows what awesomeness you’ll be feeling in 2018 because of it, right? So go forth and conquer. #AnythingIsPossible

Leave a comment below and tell us what some of your possibilities are this year? What are you inspired by? What do you hope to do, be, achieve, let go of?

And remember when you open to possibilities in your own life, you pave the way for others to open to possibilities in theirs. Then possibilities are endless. ? (And just BTW that’s the whole point of Health Coaching!)

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