Drink The Sun!

Food is way more than nutritious edibles!

So get out there and let the sun shine down on you and let the rain soak your spirit. Think out the box. Get out the box. Go outside and eat and drink nature! Nature feeds you as much as any healthy meal in a different way.

We teach this concept as part of our nutrition pillar in our Become a Health Coach program because it’s too limiting to rely solely on food to feed your body and spirit when there’s a whole world out there—Mother Nature—who is bountiful and abundant and free (both in spirit and cost!)

Here are 25 EASY ways to let non-edibles FEED you:

  • Sit under the shade of a lush, green tree
  • Soak your bare feet in a flowing stream
  • Bask in the heat of the afternoon sunshine
  • Smile as the pitter patter of rain soaks your skin
  • Watch children running and jumping in the wind
  • Walk barefeet on fresh soil
  • Close your eyes and listen to the lull of the wind
  • Lie on your back on green grass and watch the clouds drift
  • Walk in the woods and listen to the trees’ wisdom
  • Plant a seed outside, water it and watch it grow
  • Dance under the stars even if it’s in your backyard
  • Sit and watch the world go by on your front stoop
  • Lie on your bed, relax your muscles and feel your body at rest
  • Visit a plant nursery and choose one to take home and care for
  • Watch birds fly high in the sky on a cloudless day
  • Go outside and watch the sun as it sets even in an urban hood
  • Wake up early one day and watch the sun as she rises
  • Take a slow stroll through your neighborhood and notice the little things
  • Hug someone you care about like you mean it from the heart
  • Let someone that cares about you hug you and just surrender into it
  • Skip along the sidewalk like a five-year-old and feel the joy of being alive
  • Ditch one car ride for a bike ride and feel the wind on your face
  • Go climb on a children’s playground and hang upside down on monkey bars
  • Daydream about something adventurous you want to do like climb a mountain
  • Have a heart-to-heart chat with your bestie just because it feels so good

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