What if…

You recharged yourself as often as you do your phone?

That means once a day at least! Maybe even twice a day or lo and behold, how about every few hours…

Can you imagine what it would do for your energy, your health, your creativity?

Can you envision how much more you would have to GIVE your loved ones, your clients, your growing business?

Can you feel the energy and spaciousness in that? Ahhhhhhh.

This is especially important for Health Coaches because we’re givers. We’re listeners. We’re whisperers. We’re in service to others. So if we’re drawing from a dry well, we ain’t got nothing to give.

Give yourself PERMISSION (‘cos no one else is gonna give it to you) to take time out for yourself. It’s really time in. Time inside yourself. Time to breathe. Time to let your nervous system relax. Time to settle into your skin. Time to clear your mind. Time to just BE.

Even 15 minutes, every few hours, can work wonders. Heck, you could actually go outside and walk around the block. You could plant a seed. You could dance in your living room. You could chat with your BFF or beloved. You could meditate. You could just close your eyes and…daydream.

IMAGINE! Now it’s your turn…

We WANT to hear from YOU!

What do YOU do to take time IN to recharge yourself so you can give more and get more? Share with us your NUMBER ONE recharge go-to idea.
We can’t wait to hear it. ? You may just inspire someone to embrace it too and help them create the calm they desperately need in their life.

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