Welcome back from HCI Live Dallas, TRIBE!

Whether you were there in person or in spirit—you helped us make it happen.

The Health Coaching revolution is underway and your contribution goes a looooooong way.

Now just because you’re back home and slowly getting into your daily routine does not mean it’s time to get despondent. Turn your Mundane Monday into your Hell Yeah It’s MONDAY!!!!

Our Tribe was on FIRE at our live event and when there’s fire, some people get burnt or burnt out. Instead, turn that fire into fuel to get your creative juices flowing and up your confidence and build your business and be the best damn coach you were born to be!

Because as you know there is no one else like you. So get out there and share your gifts with the world. But first… take a few days OFF for some R&R…

Here’s how-to Hell Yeah It’s Monday

  • List 10 things you are grateful for from your experience at HCI Live (if you weren’t at the event, list 10 things you are grateful for in your life).
  • Take TODAY off from paying bills, rushing around, obligations. Even if you’re working today, take it easy so you can INTEGRATE your live event experience.
  • Tomorrow, reach out to 5 people you connected with at the event (again, if you weren’t there, reach out to 5 people you’ve intended to connect with lately!)

That’s it! Just as at the end of a yoga class you lie on your back and close your eyes for 5-10 minutes of silence known as Savasana in order to integrate your active asana practice of multiple poses or at the end of a gym workout, you take time at the end to stretch and gently wind down to integrate your workout, so too at the end of a live event you need to take some time to INTEGRATE your experience.

INTEGRATE: To form, coordinate or blend into a functioning and unified whole.

This is not a one-size fits all thing though. Some of you may return from the event so pumped up and on fire that your energy is unstoppable. Great! Then use it to fuel your creative spark but remember that it’s not gonna last forever. So when you start to feel the burn of exhaustion or that hint of being rundown, follow the three bullet points above.

If, on the other hand, you’re feeling overwhelmed and spent from all your networking and transformation and raw emotion at the live event, then that’s okay too! That means you went all out too and embraced it with open arms. Accept where you are at, know that it’s normal and follow the three bullet points above

We want to hear from you! Your comments light up our world. Let us know below how YOU experienced the event. What, if anything changed for you? What was your greatest takeaway? What was your biggest AHA moment? What was your deepest connection? What moved you the most? What changes are you going to make in yourself, your business, your life moving forward?

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