With the near-end of fresh tomato season looming, why not make the most of these nutritious, juicy friends? Tomatoes come in all shapes and sizes and are packed with Vitamin C, A and K, biotin, molybdenum. Plus, copper, manganese, folate, vitamin B6 and potassium! Not too shabby eh? So let’s make the MOST of them while they’re still in season.

We love our tomatoes fresh so throwing them in a salad seems like the best way to go especially since we want to be eating as much fresh salad as possible always (but especially while all these goodies are in season). When we think salad, we think color, we think flavor, we think variety. So what better than a salad Niçoise or la salada nissarda that originated in the French city of Nice to whet our appetites?

And the best thing about this salad is you can eat it for brunch, lunch or dinner! It’s that filling!

How to make a really NICE Niçoise salad? 
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Lettuce (any kind as long as it’s fresh preferably straight from a farmer’s market or organic —romaine, butter or even add arugula or basil or parsley to the lettuce)
  • Tomatoes (there is no limit to how many or the variety—Roma, heirloom, Early Girl as long—as long as they’re very red, not mushy and please, whatever you do, don’t put your tomatoes in the fridge ‘cos they lose their flavor and texture)
  • Hard boiled eggs (preferably pastured eggs from hens that feed non-GMO plant-based, organic feed aka what they’re meant to eat. You’ll notice the color is way yellower and the egg is way tastier than any organic eggs. Boil them for 5 minutes to be on the gooier side and 7 on the firmer.)
  • Olives (go wild. Your pick. You can use purple Kalamata or green Castelvetrano. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a good olive and please not those pre-sliced ones that come in a tin!)
  • Anchovies (not everyone’s favorite but helluva good for you. Super high in Omega 3 as any tiny fish are but they take a getting used to for sure.)
  • OVEE (um…extra virgin olive oil! The essential dressing to just about any salad!)

Go wild with this creation! It doesn’t matter whether you wanna rip the lettuce, chop; it neatly, eat it whole or cut the tomatoes in wedges or slices or chunks. Pit the olives or don’t. Eat them whole or spliced up and same with the anchovies. Use them or don’t and lay them out on top whole or chop them up into teeny slithers and toss them into the lettuce (like in this salad where they’re invisible to the eye but not to the taste buds!) OR chop them up and put them in a cup of olive oil before you drizzle it on top!

To this particular salad we added some fresh sprout seeds for extra protein as well as mozzarella balls and basil for a Caprese Salad spin on it and ‘cos it’s just yum!

Bon Appétit!
Dig in and devour it! and don’t forget to comment below and let us know what you think. Was it hella NICE?

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